Police: More coming forward about Kerran

Royal Cayman Islands Police investigators looking into the 30 July
disappearance of a nurse from her Bodden Town home said Thursday that more
people have started to come forward with information in the case.

Kerran Baker, 25, of Jamaica was last seen around 7pm Saturday, 30 July
leaving the airport Fosters store.

RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones said police have begun to
establish a timeline for several days prior to Ms Baker’s vanishing, but he
said officers have received little verifiable information about what happened
to her after 30 July.

A friend of Ms Baker’s found her purse and several full bags of
groceries on the counter of her home on Arrow Drive the evening of 31 July
about 24 hours after Ms Baker was last sighted. Since then police have been
investigating her disappearance and have assigned as many as 15 detectives
working on the case.

“We don’t have any additional information that would take us any closer
to what has happened with Kerran, or where she could possibly be,” said RCIPS
Superintendent Marlon Bodden.

A number of public comments have been made regarding the police
investigation in the two weeks since Ms Baker disappeared and police on
Thursday were reluctant to give specifics of those matters.

For instance, some reports had Ms Baker going on a date the Saturday
night she was last seen; some reports had the missing woman going to East End,
others staying at home. Mr. Jones said it appeared that Ms Baker was in the
process of preparing a meal at home that night.  

“That is a part of our inquiries, and if we could have confirmed that
with you openly then we would have done so,” Mr. Bodden said.

Another report had a cable company employee calling Ms Baker’s home
looking for her and speaking with a man on the other end of the line who told
the cable employee she was not there.

Mr. Bodden said it did appear from police investigations that there had
been conversations with the cable company on Thursday about getting service to
her residence, but nothing else had been confirmed, he said. Police were making
enquiries into the matter.

Yet other reports had Ms Baker going to Cayman Brac prior to her
disappearance, but Mr. Jones said there was no indication that had occurred.

“We did conduct enquiries into Cayman Brac and Little Cayman as well,”
Mr. Bodden said. Police said no searches were conducted in Cayman Brac.

Superintendent Bodden said some people with information had been coming
forward “slowly” and it was taking some time to confirm or rule out their accounts.
He also noted that police officers were still spending hours going through CCTV
footage of areas where Ms Baker might have been seen the night of 30 July.

No arrests have been made in connection with the investigation, police

“This is not business as usual,” Mr. Bodden said. “This is a serious


  1. This RCIP performance is totally UNACCEPTABLE way too slow progress while a life weighs in the balances. Not good enough police work. We are lagging behind, the legislators must do something to improve the quality of police work in these islands.Our lives are at the highest risk under this police force and its Commissioner of police. They have the wrong leadership and are no doubt incompetent in solving these type of high profile crimes. Baines is not the man for the job to fight the advanced level of crime in the Cayman Islands. I don’t understand why the opposition nor the UDP government nor the Governor has not attempted to replace this Commissioner of police that is unsuited to fight crime in our culture.

  2. Hey,
    This is details of another Post:

    The reason the US solve most of their cases is because they have the needed technology and also the people are always willing to talk and help out the police. if people in Cayman would do that then this case would long be solved. I mean they have options- CRIME STOPPERS is anonymous, they could go to the police station, yet people are afraid. Did the police question the two guys from fosters who were looking at her while she was packin? he went on his phone right after she walked out the store….that same guy could have connections to the kidnapper since that was the last place she went before returning to her house. Did the police check for fingerprints on her house door? or anywhere? This is becoming too often and pretty soon most of the ladies in cayman will be afraid to leave home or will be missing. – These guys/this guy who is doing this is good and knows what he is doing because its almost 2 weeks and no sign of her… Did the police check all the little canals? Not because her car was parked there means she is there… the person did that to throw the police off.. guess what? THEY DID!…Another question, who was she with the night before? who was her last phone call to? who visited her last? was there any weird vehicle circling the area a day or 2 before? Trust me the police need to stop running around like chickens without a head and take time and sit down and put themselves in the kidnappers position, they will have all the answers then!.. i dont not know her but I hope the young lady is still alive and safe and this heartless person gets caught before he strikes again.. Furthermore, all the negative comments above is not needed, be it true or not it should not be said.. put urself in the girl’s parents position and tell me how would you feel?, before u start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean!


    RCIP START listening to Lime and Digicel Conversations.

    Listen to the phone calls coming in and going out of the phone companies in Cayman. Something is going on.
    Put a tracer on them and it will lead you to the criminal holding Kerry.

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