Editorial for 16 August: Get hurricane plans in order


It’s mid August and that can mean only one

We are officially in the throes of
hurricane season.

So if you haven’t stocked up on your
hurricane supplies yet, today is a good time to toss out supplies that have
expired and replace them with fresh canned goods, batteries, water, etc.

If you are new to the Cayman Islands and
have never lived through a hurricane, make sure you come by the Caymanian
Compass on Shedden Road and pick up a free copy of our annual Hurricane
Supplement 2011. It’s chock full of information about everything from watches,
warnings and storms to a supply list of must-have things to survive a storm.

In the middle of the guide is a handy
hurricane tracking chart to help you keep up with the coordinates of
approaching storms.

As of press time Monday hurricane watchers
were tracking seven systems that could become storms. At least one of them
could pose a problem for the Cayman Islands later this week.

The Cayman Islands has been blessed in the
last few years because we have not had to contend with any major storms.
Hurricane Paloma wiped out the Brac in 2008 and Hurricane Ivan did its damage
on Grand Cayman in 2004.

Many of us may have let down our guard
because we haven’t been faced with bad weather.

But we have to remain vigilant. Those of us
who have lived in hurricane prone zones know that hurricanes can be fickle.
While we can do our best to track them, we have seen storms not forecast to hit
us take a wobble and dead-head for us.

Ivan was a perfect reminder that we can’t
predict exactly what a hurricane is going to do or when it’s going to hit.

Being prepared is about more than just
having enough water, non-perishable food and prescription medications on hand.

It’s also about having a workable plan for
both your family and your business.

If you’re new to the island, talk to
someone who went through Hurricane Ivan. If that doesn’t make you a believer out
of being prepared, you probably don’t need to be living on a Caribbean island.

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