Former police inspector guilty

Former Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Inspector Anthony White plead guilty to a charge of insulting the modesty of a woman in Summary Court on 15 August and was fined $100 in court costs. 
White’s charges stemmed from an incident which took place on 2 August, 2011, at Cayman Travel Services during which he called a former female companion several epithets, while she was at work.

Defence attorney Lloyd Samson in arguing for leniency for his client told the court Mr. White was extremely contrite and was a model citizen before the incident. He urged the Crown to consider allowing the former police inspector to not have a conviction recorded against him, “considering all and in light of the circumstances”.

“Dr. White resigned from the RCIPS in 2010 and has since obtained his Ph.D and is now a college professor. He has absolutely no criminal record. This was a relationship that soured and he went to the office, made some accusations of unfaithfulness. It was not as if everyone in the office could hear. His tone and dictation were specific to her,” Mr. Samson said.

He said there was no excuse and the former officer of 20 years was embarrassed to find himself arrested, detained and interviewed.

“It has had marked affect on him even beyond this court room,” urged the attorney, who said Mr. White does not live in the Cayman Islands, as the woman involved in the incident does.

White has dual citizenship in the United States and the Cayman Islands and came back to Cayman in May to join the woman. She provided an apartment for him and his daughter.

Upon White returning to Michigan to sort out his things and returning to find his daughter in poor care, he went to the woman’s office to find her in a “compromising situation with an individual the two had issues in relation to previously,” White’s attorney said.

Mr. Samson said recognising the frailty of all, White accepted a mistake had been made but he was asking the Court not to compromise his client “going forward.”

The attorney also thanked all who came together to expedite a matter that occurred on 2 August.

In sentencing White, Magistrate Valdis Foldats said, “We know we will never see you in this Court again,” before making a cost order of $100 and absolutely discharging the defendant.


  1. Upon White returning to Michigan to sort out his things and returning to find his daughter in poor care, he went to the woman’s office to find her in a compromising situation with an individual the two had issues in relation to previously, White’s attorney said.

  2. WOW, big whoop. The lady probably just knew the law (or read the signs that are posted all over the hospital). Dude just got caught for cussing out the lady.

    Either way, Cayman needs to update their fines to reflect the standard of living, things are so expensive that 10,000 won’t even get an eye blink from a 10 yr old, ever. Although this case was pretty stupid and a waste of time and money, people will continue to do whatever they want because the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Moral embrassment doesn’t work anymore people. You gotta to hit them where it hurts…….. their pockets.

  3. This has to be the 1st time that I disagree with everyone’s comments below here on a subject. Read to the bottom, and if you disagree with me then feel free.
    1. This is really not our business.
    2. These laws of ‘insulting the modesty of a woman’ are outdated; for example, a woman coming to my office, cussing and yelling at me accusing and embarrassing me (in public no less) is okay within the law? Exactly my point, change the law or do away with it.
    3. He returned from Michigan to find his daughter in poor care and found her making out in her office with the same, other beau that had caused them problems previously in their relationship. Under these circumstances, which woman would not lose her mind in this situation if it were reversed roles? No double standards.
    4. This case was just to prove a point against this man.
    5. This is my interpretation of this situation from what I gleaned from this story solely.

  4. What is terribly unfortunate about cases like these are the hidden details.
    It’s a fact that a lot of the time, violators go free due to lack of evidence. It’s a fact that the laws of the Cayman Islands are inadequate for the protection of women (and men in some cases). Due to these inadequate laws an old grandfather law like insulting the modesty of a woman is all that can be used to stop a perpetrator from inflicting more abuse on a victim. Where are the laws for Stalking? Where are the Laws for threatening? The burden of proof lies on the victim who has already been traumatized and sometimes to the point of fearing for their lives before they step forth to do something. Then the real trauma begins especially if going up against a person of influence, position, power of knowledge of how the system works. Then the victim is them badgered by the very system that is supposed to be protecting them. Where is the justice in that, and let me not forget the end results. Their reputation is smeared and dragged through the streets by vampires who disguise themselves as LAWyers.

  5. What’s so hard to understand ?

    Man and woman supposedly together in a relationship, man travels to his other country of domicile to sort out his affairs to return to Cayman to live with woman…

    Man turns up at woman’s office and find her with another man over whom they had argued before…

    Man A gets vex and tells woman a piece of his mind, using choice expeletive language…

    Woman calls police and has man A arrested for cursing her out in public….

    Only in the good ole Cayman Islands would something like this ever reach a court of law…

    Cayman’s police have time to prosecute a verbal domestic spat but can make no headways in finding out what has happened to a missing woman…

    Go figure !

  6. Sometimes I’ve had to laugh out really loud when having this offense explained to me…especially by some women.

    I’ve always thought a woman had to have some modesty about herself before a man could insult it, in the first place !

    And, is there any such offense as insulting the modesty of a man ?

    If there isn’t, it seems blatantly discrimmminatory to me LOL!

    Is this then based on an assumption that all women are modest and that all men have no modesty ?

    As I’ve said before; only in the good ole Cayman Islands !

  7. Rupertisright.

    I don’t like having so much to say on such an inconsequential non-issue when my original home, the Cayman Islands is suffering from much more serious issues than this but…

    Let me the one to be totally honest and agree with you wholeheartedly.

    This bizarre court case only sums up so much about what is wrong with the Cayman Islands but look at how many readers will disagree with our opinions.

    This kind of thing happens in Cayman on a regular basis.

    All it takes is a phone call from some people to Central Police HQ in George Town, while others could call in of bloody murder being committed, they will get no response.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to invoke the higher authority of the British High Commission and finally the FCO in London to protect my rights against members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, on their personal vendettas…after the last incident, it was time to live in Britain, where the law automatically protects me.

    There is no wonder that serious crime does not get solved in the Cayman Islands.

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