Dolphin Cove’s 
work experience

Secondary school children and young adults can enjoy a work experience programme at Dolphin Cove.  

Maggie Jackson, deputy director for the Education Centre, has been working with Dolphin Cove on this programme for a few years. The program lets the kids try a career, Ms Jackson said.  



Try out a career 

“It may be what they want to do for a career, it may not. But they get skills in the workplace.” Students work a full 8.30am to 3pm each day. Ms Jackson said most of the kids have enjoyed the variety of work and interacting with the trainers and dolphins.  

“It’s nice that we have a local business supporting the government schools, we appreciate their support and look forward to working with them in the future,” she said. 

The director of Dolphin Cove Park, Neil Burrowes, said this type of outreach is crucial for Cayman.  

“Dolphin Cove wants to take a sneak peek at the future of Cayman workforce. So far, we’ve liked what we’ve seen. The kids are great and the work experience program benefits them immensely.” 

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