Seven Mile Beach 4G goes live


Social networks have been abuzz over the last couple of days with news that LIME’s new 4G mobile network was already available in select parts of Grand Cayman, well ahead of the scheduled rollout in September. 

This has now been confirmed by Tony Ritch, general manager of LIME Cayman Islands. 

“We’ve launched 4G along the Seven Mile Beach corridor of Grand Cayman. I promised customers back in May at The Ritz-Carlton that LIME would be bringing 4G, world-class cutting edge technology to the Cayman Islands and today I’m delighted to tell you that we have switched on the first sites.  

This is exciting because we are ahead of schedule and it means that Grand Cayman will be completed by the end of August and Little Cayman and Cayman Brac by the first two weeks in September,” said Mr. Ritch. 



Coverage maps in stores 

According to Mr. Ritch, coverage maps in LIME retail stores will keep customers informed as new sites come on line. 

“We are also seeing an improvement in coverage which is what we expected. 4G will increase our mobile coverage by approximately 15 per cent to 20 per cent across the islands. However, obviously this is a brand-new network and there will be some teething issues, and I ask our customers to please bear with us and be patient over the next couple of weeks as we optimise the 
network,” he said. 

Many phones already in circulation are set up to take advantage of the 4G network, which is compatible with 3G phones as well.  

In order to make use of it, users will have to access the network settings of their phones and enable 3G or 4G depending on the capabilities of the device.  



Increased data speeds 

Users should then see dramatically increased data speed within areas where 3G is already active.  

However, upon leaving such areas, there will be no interruption or drop in quality of telephone calls as the technology is designed to provide a smooth handover.  

However, download speed will be noticeably slower until all the 4G sites on Grand Cayman is live. 

The technology is also compatible with dongles that can be plugged into a laptop to provide fast broadband Internet access without the need to connected to a WiFi hotspot. 

In addition to data cost being slashed from as much as $3.59 per MB to just 30 cents per MB, the company has also announced new plans to take advantage of the improved data speed on the 4G network, which bundles calls, text and data. 

Mr. Ritch said that the project has kept the company very busy in the months since the launch of 4G was announced. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our LIME team and our partner Ericsson for all their hard work as they worked around the clock to enable us to turn these sites on,”
he said. 


Tony Ritch, general manager of LIME Cayman Islands, points out where the 4G network is active. – Photo: Submitted

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