Community rallies around Meals on Wheels following theft of food

An outpouring of community support has been received by the Meals on Wheels organisation just one day after the community support and relief group was burgled on Wednesday night.

The Caymanian Compass caught up with facilitator and organiser of logistics for Meals and Wheels, Mrs. Beulah McField, who expressed her gratitude for the community’s response and compassion.

“Meals and Wheels is an integral part of this community and people have responded valiantly, with acts of kindness that have truly been a helping hand at this time. People like the Woody Foster, Dart Management, Eddie Thompson … There are simply too many to mention. People have just been showing up to offer their assistance and support and my phone has not stopped ringing,” Mrs. McField said.

She elaborated by adding, “This has shown what the organisation means to the community. It is their’s. Meals on Wheels is by the community, for the community.”

The meal delivery operation that feeds so many every day has been able to continue doing deliveries, which they also managed to do on the very day they were burglarised.

“The programme’s recipients did not miss any meals, as the compassion and resolve of our community has proven to be much larger than the small malignant group that is in it,” Mrs. Beulah said.

She said, “People need to stop and understand that the majority of people that live in Grand Cayman are caring people. This proves it; when we can stand up together as a community and not allow them that would do such things to break us. I am moved to know that so many people still care.”

Mrs. Beulah said she wanted to say thank you to all who have gone through this ordeal with them and have comforted them in their time of need.

At around 6.30am on Thursday morning, volunteer cooks for Meals and Wheels arrived to find the back window tampered with, all of the food for the needy stolen and the place ransacked.

After dusting the facility, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers said it was their belief the perpetrator(s) wore gloves. No arrests had been made in the case as of press time.


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