Funky Tangs robbed in Savannah

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    Four men robbed the Funky Tangs electronics store in Savannah around 1.30pm Thursday, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

    A woman working within the store was held at gunpoint and made to get down on the floor by a suspect who told her he’d shoot if she got up, the woman’s mother said.

    “She called me [and] said ‘mommy, mommy, mommy, gunman hold me up’,” the mom, who identified herself as Lellieth said. “I’m in here crying.”

    The woman was not physically hurt in the incident.

    Store manager Mark Watler said some cash was taken by the suspects as well as a handbag belonging to the store clerk. He added that some other small electronic items were taken. 

    According to Mr. Watler, some of the suspects were armed and some weren’t. He said it was the first time he was aware of that the Savannah Funky Tangs store had been robbed. 

    Police later confirmed that only one of the four men who entered the store was armed. No shots were fired in the robbery.

    A search was being conducted in the Savannah area by ground units and the RCIPS helicopter Thursday afternoon. Police did not immediately report any arrests, however officers did note that one man was assisting police with enquiries.

    Some items believed to have been taken during the robbery were located by police near the crime scene. 

    Funky Tangs Savannah robbed Cayman

    A police crime scene tech at the scene of Thursday afternoon’s robbery in Savannah.
    Brent Fuller


    1. Start arming all security guards. If we are going to war on crime I suggest acting like we mean it. The criminals have a free hand to do as they please and they will continue until the law permits meeting them on their own ground and playing by their rules.

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