Editorial for Oct 26: Unemployment frustration

Frustration was running a little high in Bodden Town when a Caymanian decided he had to make a stand.

Dexter Bodden made a public display of climbing to the roof of the primary school in the district to let his former employer and others know that he was displeased about losing his job.

While we don’t condone his actions, we can understand why he felt he needed to make his plight known.

Unfortunately in these lean economic times many people in the Cayman Islands are feeling the frustration of not being able to make ends meet.

The cost of living in the Cayman Islands is extremely high and everyone is having difficulty putting food on the table and paying utility bills.

As Rev. Ellen Peguero said, “When you back people in a corner they will react one way or the other.”

It has been said that the level of crime in the Cayman Islands has increased because people can’t find jobs.

We hope that those who find themselves in a job loss situation would seek out counselling and help in more conventional methods.

But we do recognise that the level of frustration when it comes to unemployment and pay in the Cayman Islands is increasing.

There are many able-bodied Caymanians who are willing to work, and to work for the wage being offered.


  1. When you use the argument that the crime problem is a result of the unemployment problems in the Cayman Islands I believe you do disrespect to those who are decent hard working members of the society. I do not believe the armed robberies have anything to do with unemployment rather violent criminals looking for a free ride on the backs of the decent people in the country.

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