Central Planning Authority approvals

The Central Planning Authority approved a number of projects during its meetings held 28 September, 12 October and 26 October, subject to various requirements 
stipulated by the Authority.

Here are some of the most significant proposals the authority 

Paul A. Bodden: Combine the existing lakes, expand the quarry footprint and increase lake depth to 50 feet

Cost: $3 million

Parcel Area: 190 acres

Location: Paul Bodden’s commercial quarry, near to Midland Acres in Breakers

Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd: Six-lot subdivision

Cost: $2.5 million

Parcel Area: 561 acres

Location: East of the Midland Acres Subdivision and quarries in Bodden Town

Villa Nova Ltd: Change-of-use from a house to a beach club

Cost: $1.5 million

Building Area: 16,917 square feet

Parcel Area: 1.98 acres

Location: On Bodden Town Road, across the street from the 
Bodden Town Police Station

Cayman Distributors Ltd: Change-of-use from storage warehouse to 2,025 square feet of retail and 3,010 square feet for a commercial bakery and liquor bottling facility

Cost: $1 million

Building Area: 3,010 square feet

Parcel Area: 2.76 acres

Location: On Eastern Avenue, across from Bodden Road in George Town Central

Carlos A Conolly and Cenia M Conolly: Four apartment units, pool and a trellis cabana

Cost: $622,871

Building Area: 16,988 square feet

Parcel Area: 0.19 acres

Location: Fern Circle, George Town

Fosters: Change-of-use of a retail space to a small grocery store with a 

Cost: $288,000

Building Area: 760 square feet

Location: Block 4C of Camana Bay

Cotton Club: Change-of-use from an approved retail space to a bar/lounge

Cost: $30,000

Parcel Area: 0.39 acres

Location: On Shedden Road, east of North Sound Road in George Town

Sunshine Land Ltd: Change-of-use from retail to a take-out restaurant

Cost: $30,000

Building Area: 160 square feet

Location: The Marquee Plaza on Lawrence Boulevard in Seven Mile Beach

Gilles Langlois: subdivision of 4.755 acres of land into 29 single-family lots, four LPP lots and one road parcel

Cost: $23,400

Parcel Area: 4.8 acres

Location: Powell Smith Road, West Bay

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