Let people decide who builds dock

Reading in the papers lately, we see that our cruise ship dock position is up in arms again, when two members of the same UDP party and leader of the country disagreed on which company will be really signed to do the job.

Well, it should be very simple to come to the right answer as to which company or companies should do the job. Just let the people decide; after all, it’s the people’s money that pay all of you members of Cabinet and the company that is supposed to build this dock.

Put their stats out to the public so that we can compare then we can send our feedback to the leaders as to which one is better and costs less than the others that might want the job.

Too many back door deals are being handled and decided by our members of government without the people’s proper input. For far too long this has been going on, that is why we are as backward as we still are.

When I look at little Roatan, Honduras, and see their cruise ship pier, they have moved ahead of the Cayman Islands in an area that we should at this present time have one of the best cruise ship docks in the Caribbean. But because of people of little vision, we are still fighting about who gets to build it and the proper location. We all should be ashamed that in this day and time the great so-called rich Cayman Islands do not have a proper cruise ship dock.

Let the people decide where it goes and who gets to build it at the right price; not the politicians.

That way no one has to fight over it in Cabinet. Where will it end? I guess it will be like the boat dock we need at Coe Wood Beach in our town of Bodden Town, since it was to be put in place from as far back as somewhere in 1982 by Jim and Haig. I am still waiting to see when that will be built.

Now, do no let the well needed cruise port take as long as our boat ramp in Bodden Town. Take the who gets credit out of this and put the dock in place for our tourists and cruise ships and for all of those that make money from its future and for the good of all on Cayman.

We are all sick and tired of the child-like behaviour that we hear going on in our government’s leadership. Like I once stated, if you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

But here is another for of you: If you cannot cook, you do not belong in my kitchen.

Emile S. Levy

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