Editorial for 22 December: Train our own to do local work

There are many jobs within the Cayman Islands that
Caymanians can do; only if they are properly trained.

While we applaud the measures taken in the Ministry and
Department of Education to bring our students up to speed, we are still lacking
when it comes to educating our children to do the jobs that are needed on our

One such job is that of operators of the emergency 911

The service continues to be understaffed and those who do work
for 911 have, at times, found it difficult to get meal breaks; much less
bathroom breaks.

A report compiled for the government on the state of
Cayman’s 911 emergency communication system states that “Until the entire
roster of telecommunicators (16 posts) is filled with qualified employees and
has been stabilised, it will be inadvisable to proceed with the non-renewal of
foreign workers in these posts.”

Why didn’t we see this coming?

The Caymanian Compass has long rallied our government and
businesses to come together to figure out what is needed for future employment
of Caymanians and then to adequately train our own people to do those jobs.

There are some companies that do work with students to help
train and groom them – Cayman Free Press is one of those companies – but not
enough is being done and we believe it is a breakdown of communication between
companies and those responsible for the education of our young people. We are
confident that there are people out there who can rise to the challenge of operating
the 911 emergency system; they just have to be properly trained.

Ditto for other jobs in the Cayman Islands where foreign
workers are sought out because we haven’t done a sufficient enough job to train
our own people.

We hope that going forward into the new year and beyond that
those in the education system – ministry and department – will work more
closely with businesses to identify the job skills needed to impart on our
young ones so that they can step up to the plate and take over the jobs now
being filled by expatriates.



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