Seniors celebrate Christmas at Pedro

Pedro Castle play field was full of festive spirit Tuesday night, as close to 100 seniors gathered for the annual Christmas celebration bash.

The SavNew Committee always goes above and beyond when it comes to paying special attention to the seniors in the community and at this year’s event. As usual, the special greetings were doled out in abundance.

“It just gets bigger and better each year,” said SavNew Community Development Action Committee chairwoman Heather Bodden, seeming pleased so many seniors attended.

Committee members not only planned a programme of Christmas medleys, gifts and prizes, but also a scrumptious buffet accompanied with homemade cakes.

The atmosphere buzzed with festive cheer as seniors enjoyed the entertainment and company of others at the outdoor party.

Santa dashed from table to table delivering gifts to the enjoyment of seniors as he planted huge kisses on the cheeks of beaming senior citizens. Even Ms Bodden was given a quick smooch on the cheek, which left her giggling from all the attention.

This year, the SavNew committee also honoured Bodden Town police officers and Cardinal DaCosta with plaques.

Even the younger children made an impression with seniors this year, as youngsters Jamal and Jenel Rankin and Keira and Khyla Oliver presented senior Olive Miller with pennies saved during the year to go toward the Pines Retirement Home building fund.

Caught up in the spirt of giving, Woody DaCosta recalled the joy of giving that his father instilled in him at an early age.

“We were taught to give back 10 percent of our earning toward the betterment of the society and today I carry on the tradition,” he said.

As seniors dined, Bodden Town MLAs Anthony Eden, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour gave their Christmas blessing and good returns for the New Year.

Also providing entertainment was Baldwin Jackson on the piano and lending a hand, the ever-faithful members of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens.

Ms Bodden said she is grateful that the senior citizen party is made possible through donations from members of the public.

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