Bring it on in 2012

The new year is the time to simply sit back, breathe and be grateful to see another one. Those of us with family intact and healthy and a semblance of happiness and normalcy need to be ecstatic because we have made it to see yet another one. Those of us entering a new year without someone or experiencing health issues; our hearts and prayers are with you and ask that you call on your friends and loved ones for the support and not go it alone. And let us all count our blessings and reach out to those in need in our respective communities and lives. A new year among other things is also the perfect time to REFLECT, ASSESS and CORRECT.

Reflect on the last 12 months to see what was done that was right and good and to reflect on all relationships good and bad and.

Assess everything and everyone for their contribution and value in your life. Assess the impact that they had on all parts of your life to see if it was more positive than negative.

And correct; correct what was wrong, clean house if need be; embrace what was good and celebrate all of the blessings.

When new year rings in so many people are filled with regrets and waste their energy on “should have, would have and could have”. Others are gung ho about resolutions that often fail before the month ends and then the New Year is off to a rocky start with everyone in a funk about failures.

Why not make promises that we can keep then?

Promise to give more this year

Promise yourself to love more this year

Promise yourself to do more of what you want this year

Promise yourself to see more this year

Promise yourself to savour more this year

Promise yourself to be healthier this year

Promise yourself to say thanks more this year

And to pray more this year

And most of all promise yourself to live life to the fullest this year.

It is a new one so ready set go. Make 2012 a year that counts!

And then tell me how your week is going at [email protected]

Catherine Tyson is the author of I’m Somebody’s Mama and host of the Lighten Up Show With Catherine Tyson on Cayman 27.

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