Editorial for 19 January: Time to fish or cut trash bait

The fact that recycling isn’t mandated in the Cayman Islands
is a shame.

The shame is even more pronounced on the Sister Islands
where there are fewer people.

Right now there is an ongoing debate about moving the
landfill on Cayman Brac to an area on the Bluff.

A study is under way to determine if the Bluff is a good
site for the relocation of the Brac dump.

We would hope that mandated recycling would be incorporated
into that study.

The Caymanian Compass has to wonder why, in 2012, we are
still having discussions about the dump on Cayman Brac and residents there are
still experiencing fires at the waste site.

Why on earth hasn’t someone on that Island seen fit to
organise a recycling programme?

It’s a small island, and while all people produce refuse
that goes to the dump, many could be persuaded to separate items that can be

Deputy Premier and Sister Islands MLA Juliana
O’Connor-Connolly has said the Department of Environmental Health will be
making improvements to the Brac landfill site beginning this month in an effort
to better manage waste disposed at the site.

We have to ask, specifically what is being considered?

It’s not enough to throw meaningless words at the garbage
situation on Cayman Brac.

Why is the garbage issue an issue at all?

This is an issue that should have been addressed years ago.

It’s time to stop paying lip service to the issue of trash,
garbage and dumps on all three of the Cayman Islands.

We’re heard enough from politicians, both before and after
elections, about what they are going to do with the dump issues of our Islands.

When it comes to our garbage issues, it’s time for
politicians to fish or cut bait.

We have to wonder why this issue on Cayman Brac is being
addressed just shy of a year before election time.

It should have been addressed long ago and really shouldn’t
be an issue just now.





  1. Every politician for the last decade must take responsibility for Cayman’s lack of recycling in the country. Where has the leadership been on this issue? Many of the foreign members of the community come from locations that already recycle and are shocked to learn that no recycling exists here.

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