No sign of Nathan on CCTV

Police revealed Friday that their examination of CCTV footage from West Bay Road has shown no indication that Nathan Clarke left the beach onto the road the night he disappeared.

“As we enter day six of the search for Nathan Clarke, officers have revealed that, despite examining hours of CCTV footage from West Bay Road, no sign of Nathan leaving the beach area onto the roadway, on Saturday 25 February 2012, has been found.

“The examination of CCTV footage continues,” a police spokesperson said.

On Friday, 18 police officers and 35 civilian volunteers were continuing to search the sea off Seven Mile Beach.

Seachers are concentrating on searching the sea in front of Public Beach following the recovery of Mr. Clarke’s cell phone in 10 feet of water, about 150 feet from shore, in front of Calico Jack’s on Wednesday by a snorkelling cruise ship passenger.

A black Fossil wallet Mr. Clarke was carrying when he disappeared has not been recovered.

The 31-year-old Cayman Prep teaching assistant was last seen by his girlfriend and a group of friends at the water’s edge at Calico Jack’s about 8.30pm on Saturday.

Police advised that divers and snorkellers who wished to join the search Saturday, 3 March, should report to the mobile police command unit at the Public Beach car park by 8.30am.

“Police are stressing once again that searchers must report to police so that searches can continue to be professionally coordinated,” police said.

On Friday, divers and snorkellers again joined the search and others who could not assist in the water boarded glass-bottom boats that moved up and down Seven Mile Beach.

The search party is appealing for experienced and confident divers to join the search, with divers being asked to register at public beach at 9.30am, 2pm and 3.30pm Friday. Divers should bring their own equipment, including computers and tanks.

Funds raised in the Find Nathan Fund is paying for air tanks for volunteers.

Anyone with information should contact West Bay police station on 949-3999. Anyone who was within Calico Jack’s on Saturday evening is also being encouraged to send any photos or video taken within the beach bar to [email protected]



  1. my prayers go out to his family and friends. it is wonderful to see so many volunteers helping in the search efforts for Nathan! Having read the updates on his search people should start searching the nearby dykes it is hard to believe that it has been 6days and absolutely no sign of him besides his phone, has turned up. I think it is time to extend the search outwards…..just a thought

  2. Just because CCTV did not pick him up leaving the beach does not mean he never left the beach. He could have walked, he could have been taken by boat. I know we don’t know the full story in terms of what the police are/are not doing and I know the police are probably doing their best, but it seems like more can be done. A lot more. Land searches. Broader searches of the beaches/sea apart from seven mile beach. Interviews of every single taxi driver working on the Island Saturday night, interviews of everyone at every bar that night. There is a culture on this island of people not calling the police to report untoward things that they see, so the police must PUSH push push push and family and friends should ensure that they do. Many Caymanians will know for example who robbed a store or shot a person, but they will never tell. Please if you know something, say something! Let’s get Nathan home soon. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends.

  3. Whatever it is that happened, it happened on the beach! The circumstances points to the sea! It is obvious that he took a swim and got himself into trouble. He was intoxicated and yes… sharks do come out by the shoreline at nights. And that explains the phone not working at the time he went missing, the body not found due to decomposition and predators in the ocean, and him wearing shorts left on the beach for a few minutes by his fiance and she turning around not seeing him again. Inspector Marlon has indicated publicly that they have NO evidence of foul play. But you know some people, they want to think the worse out of this situation.

    I am sorry for the family and love ones, but it looks like Nathan drown, more and more, it is looking like that.

  4. Not to offend anyone, but I understand their are search teams organized by large establishments here on the island for this missing man. I understand that helicopters are being funded by certain banking establishments to conduct searches.

    I have to wonder when Anna Evans went missing a year ago and Kerran Baker several months ago, two black women, why wasn’t there any support from the banksters? I just have to wonder. The Police is getting so much support that they have to tell the search parties to report to them.

    Can somebody help me understand what is the difference? Does it have to do with race?

  5. It is also important to verify at CCTV footage if he really arrived at the beach and how about the automobile trunk..

    To apprentice, I agree with your idea of shark attack but that is extremely coincidental, shark knows to attack when no one is looking around, very intelligent shark.

    No foul evidence? There’s something foul the way the group left him for few minutes. To analyze the argument, he was disassociated from the group, the group has common thought, his thought is different from the group. Therefore a positive and negative reaction exists, and the shocking thing his fiancee is on the side of the group.

  6. I am so horrified. born caymanian. How dare you say you don’t wish to offend BUT… Does it have to do with race? You tell me. Your simmering racism and passive aggressive tone say it all. Imagine one of Nathan’s loved ones reading your post and seeing their tragedy turned into a sniping match where suddenly loyalties are being divided down race lines? Imagine the agony of discovering that others are using your darkest hour divisively to prop up their own agendas?

    There is someone’s son, friend, teacher and partner missing and, yes, lots of people are committed to finding him. They are giving up their time, their energy, their money – anything and everything to help – not because Nathan is caucasian, not because he is an expat – because it is the right thing to do. Did anyone begrudge the fact that DMS put up a 50,000 reward for information about Anna? Did anyone comment on the authorities bringing in sniffer dogs or using the police helicopter? In this instance, the police helicopter is out of commission – we need it. It’s as simple as that. Should we vet the nationalities and colours of the children organising a bake sale on Monday to help raise funds?

    You have to understand that being a teacher, Nathan and his girlfriend are automatically part of a huge extended family where people of all nationalities, colours and creeds stand shoulder to shoulder in support. I’m sorry if you perceive it otherwise. This is about love not money. Shame on you.

  7. @DonQuijote:

    Shame on you for blaming his fiancee and group of friends that were with him. Shame. On. You.


    Wow, race card much?

    Where are you getting your information about the certain banking establishments funding this search?

    The helicopter (singular, because the RCIPS’ chopper is off-island — how convenient, quick call Mulder Scully, because everything is a conspiracy in Cayman!) is being funded by *friends* of Mr. Clarke’s. Also, ask Jerome why he’s having to ask for the money, you’ll love the response!

    The RCIPS is getting so much support from the community of his friends, colleagues, and people who knew him even as an acquaintance. Nathan is an amazing person. Loved by many.

    Maybe a better question is why the friends of Kerran Baker and Anna Evans didn’t pony up when they went missing. Tough pill for you to swallow when ex-pats band together, huh?

    And shame on you for propagating false, racist information.

  8. I hope they search for Nathan much more than they did for a group of four men thought to be in Cuba and in Castro’s custody.
    Around l983 or l984 the main man in that party the pilot was seen in line at the bank where a Caymanian Citizen was banking also. When he saw the person who looked right into his face, recognized his freckles and tall thin body built and he scampered out of the back of the line on a Friday afternoon and disappeared. If the local authorities were serious they could have traced him by social security number because he could have been working.
    A true story. From then on there is no confidence in Cayman Police searching diligently for your loved one you must bring in experts.

    This is referring to those thought to vanish in a small plane in l975 or 76 were seen almost 10 years later in Miami Florida!!! Castro did not have them
    the big question is why would a man with a wife and children do something like this Why? Why did the other three disappeared and reports that they were seen in Cuba. People do weird things.
    One in that missing party was seen by someone he saw every day at the airport, so he was identified and it was too lat, the person looked right into his face and was in total shock.
    This government have always been so careless that the insurance companies are easily ripped off if one should desire to fake their death.

    It is a pitiful state of affairs if you rely on the Cayman Islands government locate your loved one, I urge everyone to rely on God almighty to help you in any and every situation.

  9. To Born.Caymanian’s comment – I think can help with the answer to your question of bank donations / large organisations etc helping out to support with the search. Let me start by saying that when I go out and search for Nathan I also keep in my mind that I may uncover clues or even (great for closure, but would be incredibly sad) remains of both Kerran and Anna, God bless them both.

    1) Nathan is a teacher’s assistant at Cayman Prep – a private school – fees are about 9 to 12K PA per child so it might follow that a portion of the parents at that school might be in upper end income brackets here in their work. This would have the knock-on effect of i) having more disposable income to donate to the search cause ii) being in positions in the large orgs/banks you mentioned to be able to allocate funds to the search cause.

    2) CPHS is an extremely supportive school community as all schools are in our blessed country. I have no doubt that if Anna or Kerran were in a profession where they were in contact with 25 little people per year x four years accumulative teaching in Cayman as Miss Lisa has been (Nathan’s partner…note they both teach at CPHS) = 100 kids = about 200 parents, those two ladies would have also had all those people rallying behind them – schools and large institutions/orgs are like that. Kerran and Anna had wonderful family and neighbourhood search support too – I’m just explaining how the bigger the work connection the more people pitch in. Maybe Miss Lisa’s personality has something to do with it – I do not know Nathan but Miss Lisa has taught my children and oh my goodness what an incredible person she is. She almost has love emanating from her – I am convinced that even when she corrects kids in her class she must be smiling and gentle – so I can’t speak for others but just because of the love and sweet nature she has shown me over the years I am willing to give up evenings and weekends and get out there and search – for answers or closure for her.

    3) A lot of the fundraising efforts started when raising funds to fly the private helicopter because our public police one is being serviced. I think it is like 1,400 (someone can confirm) an hour to get the private one that Jerome flies up so hence the urgency of fundraising. I believe when the other ladies went missing our police heli was operational but I am not sure.

    4) In future if someone goes missing that may not be so connected to people with resources, please help me and others to get to large firms, companies – to gain access to fiscal resources and also to organisations to gain access to willing search groups – to give everyone a chance to be found if the are a victim of misadventure or a crime. After this experience I will be out searching even if I do not know the people involved.

    To the other person who noted possible argument – it is not uncommon for people to move apart from one another when in small groups at a social setting. I can assure you based on what the group and others saw, that all was well with the couple Nathan and Lisa, and with the group.

    Please come and join the search tomorrow if you all can, Saturday starting at 9am public beach.

    Finally please remember we are not just white here, or black. We are not just Caymanian, or Jamaican, or English. We are so many of us mixed racially or culturally that we just can’t be separated anymore, can’t generalise anymore. We are the Caymanian Community, lets fill it with love.

    Peace and love x

  10. born.caymanian, I’m not sure where you get your facts from, but they are total rubbish. I’m not sure what you are trying to stir up here.

    The helicopter is being funded by donations of Nathan’s friends and family. Search teams are being organized by the police in cooperation with Nathan’s friends and family as well as volunteers. No ‘banking establishments’ or ‘banksters’ are involved.

  11. As a Canadian visiting Cayman I could not just sit there and do nothing when I heard the news of Nathan missing. I borrowed old shoes and went searching along with his family and friends. I would have done the same for a born Caymanian or anybody else because we are all brothers and sisters, no matter what the colour of your skin, your origin or faith. A man is missing, please do not make it a race thing.
    The parents of Nathan are coming to the island not knowing if they will ever see their son again. Let’s join together in this difficult time. If you cannot join the search, have a thought and a prayer for Nathan and his family. Please do not make it more difficult for Nathan’s family and friends.

  12. @born caymanian your post offends me.

    We here in the UK have been working day and night to raise money to ensure that the local authorities and search teams have access to any additional equipment they ask for.
    We have over 2500 people on our facebook group spreading the word and helping and have even managed to contact worldwide celebrities who are also helping spread the word.
    All Nathan and Lisas friends and contacts are rallying together in Cayman to search for him because he was well respected and well loved.

    Perhaps rather questioning why we have made these efforts to ensure our friend is found and whether this is because of his nationality or race (which is quite frankly ridiculous!); you should perhaps consider why if you feel this strongly did you not do this for them?

    Nathan is well loved and has an army of people supporting him, this is why there are so many volunteers searching, and this is why we will make sure there is enough money for anything they need!

    To everyone else thank you so much for the support you have shown us all. It is much appreciated and we will #findnathan

  13. born caymanian, A quick answer (Yes). I know what you are saying, but you cannot blame people for looking after their own.. Caymanians need to adopt some of these same principles when looking after each other.. In the case of Anna silence is not golden, someone knows what happen and is either afraid or involved..

  14. born.caymanian, lol.. you sound like one of those who speak their own mind, not caring for the repercussions, the time of day or the place!

    Although racism is real even in the Caribbean, and yes there were some people I personally met who came to judgement about Annas character, how she was like this and how she was like that. I heard similar things about Kerran. All I have to say is that such judgements do influence the attitude and response from certain members of the public; however, I believe that in this instance, that the massive response to search in such a short time for this man, has more to do with the people that Nathan personally knew and those who care for him, and not to racism!

    Please dont follow what ignorant people say, or you will appear ignorant yourself.

    So I hope that answers your question.

  15. @bodden: Who said anything about racism, there is a difference between race and racism.

    I know from experience in some places in the states they have well formed search groups that are activated within minutes of a call.. In other neighbor-hoods by some people they would not care lest. Why?.

    I am not at all surprised by the outpouring of support for this person as they speak about the good in him, by your own admission Caymanians speak of the bad in theirs.

    Some race take care of their own, some race go out of their way to hold down their own.

    I hope these good people will find their son somewhere recovering from a hangover, and we could all learn to be tolerant of one another.

    But’ By what ever means possible I will point to Caymanians being more supportive of each-other as we work to overcome the making of a slave.

  16. At all the below. this is not a time for who did what/who said what/how they acted/what colour they are/what shape or size they are etc etc. This is a time to be strong and think postive about finding Nathan or whoever is lost out there. Let’s look forward and leave racism behind and how much money is involved. This is all so irrelevant in any lost and found cases. If you havent got a good word to say or are not bothered in helping in any way/shape or form then just get on with your own business wherever you are and leave reality to the people who do care.
    I know Nathan and Lisa very well and having him work for me, he is a genuine guy who is very likeable and would do the same as we are doing for him, even if he didn’t know the missing person.
    I sit back here in UK frustrated that i can’t be back in Cayman spending precious time trying to find a person who is someone’s son/daughter/fiance/friend/brother/sister/parent whoever. I just hope that the strength of all the people involved would do the same for me(if that would be the case).
    There are people all over the world go missing for whatever reason, but the impact it has on loved ones and friends is always the same.

    Just a word to the speculators: please stop thinking up stories and putting down on paper for all to read(understand that family and friends can read also!), just sit in your space and speculate to yourself.

    Just a word to the racism supporters: Sit back and think for a moment: If this was someone you knew or one of your friends friends! Would you find it within you to do whatever you could with whatever resources to find the person??
    If we forgot about racism and got on with things that are really important in this world: Wow what a great place it would be to live!! THINK.

    Last word goes to Lisa, both families, all Nathan’s friends and all those who are involved both in UK and Cayman: Stay strong and focus positive thoughts and we will solve this together. Nick

  17. I must say, that black and white, as forms of speech, as means of judging mankind, should be eliminated from human society.

    Human beings are precisely the same, whatever colour, race, creed or national origin they may be.

    Haile Sellassie (1963)

    Until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, there will be war.

    Haile Sellassie 1 (Before the League of Nations)

    The words of HIM Haile Sellassie 1, the Conquering Lion of Judah, crowned Emperor of Ethiopia, spoken in interviews and before the League of Nations…from the 1940s to the 1960s…

    Coming true in the Cayman Islands of 2012.

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