Lollipop Dash was a sweet one

Swimmers are now gearing up for the final part in the Camana Bay Aquatic Club’s series of three family-friendly open water events.  

On Saturday 31 March, the event will start with a 200 metre Lollipop Dash, followed by a 800m Sea Swim and 800m Water Walk.  

The second event was on Saturday and had a terrific turn out with more than 130 participants participating. “The series has been great for everyone,” said club Head Coach Katie Lambert. “It’s nice to see returning faces in open water swimming – but it’s fantastic to see a lot of new faces, too.”  

Over 25 little ones enjoyed a 200m Lollipop Dash, designed for swimmers 10 and under who are new to open water swimming, while more confident swimmers made strides in the 600m Sea Swim. The event concluded with the 600m Water Walk, where participants walked through the water at waist height.  

The sea swim was won by visiting Canadian Madeleine Leger, 14, who was introduced to the club in December when the team competed at the Youth Cup and Mega City meets in Toronto. “Madeleine had been training with us over the last week,” said Lambert. “This was her very first open water race – and she loved it.”  

Second and third place went to Brandon Williams and Antony Lyons respectively.  

The series has allowed swimmers to build open water confidence in a friendly environment, while giving others in the community an opportunity and introduction into competitive swimming.  

“All events are open to swimmers of all ages and abilities and aim to encourage new swimmers to try a new sport, get wet and have fun,” said Lambert. “It’s a great way for the community to come together and enjoy one of our most beautiful resources here in Cayman. We are now looking forward to the final event in the series – and hope to see even more participants take to the waters.”  

Registration for the final event can be made on the day at the event, online at or at The Discovery Centre in Camana Bay. Cost is $15 per individual race and all swimmers will receive a CBAC Swim Cap.  

For more information about the Camana Bay Aquatic Club or the open water series, contact coach Katie Lambert at [email protected]