Online poll: Opinions split on landfill issue

Just one per cent more of respondents to last week’s online poll think the George Town Landfill should be closed, capped and remediated and another solid waste management facility created elsewhere in Grand Cayman than those who think it should be remediated where it is through mining and waste-to-energy technology. 

Part of the Dart Group’s ‘mega deal’ proposal to government includes the closing, capping and remediation of the George Town Landfill and a new facility created in Pease Bay, just east of Bodden Town. 

Of the 777 total respondents, 363 of them – 46.7 per cent – thought a solid waste management facility needed to be created elsewhere in Grand Cayman, although the poll didn’t specify Pease Bay as a potential location. 

“This one really is a no-brainer, but then most of the [Citizens Against Virtually Everything] people don’t seem to have brains,” said one person. 

“I’m a George Towner and I’m sick of everyone saying the George Town Landfill needs to stay open,” said someone else. “Take away the childish politics and the NIMBY Bodden Towners and no one in their right mind thinks we should continue to keep the landfill there.” 

“Let Dart clean it up properly,” said another person. 

“Waste-to-energy would be the best option, but we clearly cannot afford it,” commented someone else. “And since we cannot just keep dumping there, capping it and creating another better managed facility elsewhere is only common sense.” 

Another large segment of respondents – 354 people or 45.5 per cent – said the George Town Landfill should be remediated using mining and waste-to-energy technology. 

“If waste-to-energy can work and will last, by all means let’s use the landfill to our advantage,” said one person. 

“It’s not sensible to move it to Bodden Town,” said another respondent. “That’s a residential area. We have lots of space in the middle of the island away from residents and businesses. If the dump must be moved don’t move it to Bodden Town.” 

“The current landfill, whilst being a problem, can be remediated right where it is,” said someone else. “The previous government’s research has shown this. And why should it be moved to facilitate a developer’s proposal? He bought there knowing full well the dump was in that location.” 

“The George Town Landfill definitely needs to be remediated as stated here and remain right where it is already located,’ commented another person. “There’s no sensible reason to move it to Bodden Town. I would also recommend that government puts two more of the same kind of landfill in suitable areas, one each in West Bay and Frank Sound, which would avoid everyone having to go out of their district to dump some of their own garbage, keeping the GT Landfill from being overloaded.” 

Twenty people – 2.6 per cent – said nothing should be done about the George Town Landfill because it wasn’t a problem at all. 

“The current landfill needs to remain where it is at,” said one person. 

Twenty-three people – 3.0 per cent – responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question and 17 people – 2.2 per cent – suggested other solutions. 

A number of people suggested recycling. 

“Recycle, recycle, recycle,” said one person. “That is one answer that would help. But I think the Landfill should be moved. There must be a place inland, some place that would not be in town.” 

“A combination: Close, cap and remediate the George Town Landfill and create a solid waste facility using waste-to-energy technology,” said someone else. “Imagine it: a great park for people to enjoy (if they flatten the mount a bit) and giving back to the environment by creating something more sustainable than just a big pile of rubbish.”
“It should be privatised to create a revenue stream instead of increasing the national debt,” said another respondent. 


Next week’s poll question 

Who do you think will most likely be Cayman’s premier after the next general elections? 

McKeeva Bush 

Alden McLaughlin 

Ezzard Miller 

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Online Poll - Landfill


  1. The newspaper is obviously biased. The chart shows that 51.8% of respondents want the dump moved while only 43.5% want it to stay. The other 4.7% are other or don’t know. Yet the article states that only 1% more people want it moved than don’t. The editors must have graduated from George W. Bush’s fuzzy when needed School of Mathematics.

    Editor’s note: We apologise for the confusion on this poll story. There were apparently some multiple votes that had to be cleaned up prior to the story being printed. Those changes were not corrected in the initial poll graphic. They will be changed now to reflect the below.

    Of the 777 total respondents, 363 of them, 46.7 per cent, thought a solid waste management facility needed to be created elsewhere in Grand Cayman, although the poll didn’t specify Pease Bay as a potential location.

    Another large segment of respondents, 354 people or 45.5 per cent, said the George Town Landfill should be remediated using mining and waste-to-energy technology.

    Twenty people, 2.6 per cent, said nothing should be done about the George Town Landfill because it wasn’t a problem at all.

    Twenty-three people, 3.0 per cent, responded "I don’t know" to the question and 17 people, 2.2 per cent, suggested other solutions.

  2. With respect I don’t think that the survey questions were very clear. Personally, I believe that the best solution would be to leave the dump where it is but clean it up and cap it. Build a waste treatment plant nearby so there won’t be any more toxic waste to dump into the landfill. George Town has the largest population on the island and significantly so when you add in all of the tourists who have homes on the beach. It therefore makes no sense to have to transport the waste that they produce all the way to Bodden Town when there is an existing site and connected road work so no additional expense needs to be incurred. If East End, Bodden Town and North Side residents feel that they need a separate facility then let them work out and agree where it should be located. I don’t think that will happen any time soon because nobody sensibly wants a stinking waste sight anywhere near their home.

    All over the world specialiost companies have cleaned up toxi waste sites and in a lot of cases turned them into either developable land or created a public amenity such as a mountain bike trail on the stabilised trash heap. Such a facility would be great for kids and adults as it would offer a safe place to cycle, keep them fit and give them something to do which doesn’t get them into trouble

  3. CayCompass: In next weeks poll, you have Mckeeva Bush, Alden Mclaughlin, Ezzard Miller, Other, and Who cares? COULD PLEASE INCLUDE ARDEN MCLEAN! I would really like to compare his poll to Aldens poll.

    Thank you

  4. I thought the choices were odd because it was like both were free, which is not the case. It would have been more meaningful to include mining and waste to energy with a garbage fee (or some other income source) to pay for it, or Dart capping the present site and providing a new location at no new cost.

  5. CatchandRelease, I think the press assumed that most folks would have the common sense to realize that the Waste To Energy option would be extremely costly. You would have to be rather ignorant to think some large company would come to Cayman and clean up the dump for free. The WTE option would be best if Cayman could afford it, but obviously from the Polls results most folks are aware that we cannot and that the offer from Dart is actually better than doing nothing And yes he will get something out of it as will we He gets something he wants and we get something we need. The bottom line is that without this deal nothing will happen and the GT Dump will just keep growing out of control.

  6. The marl road told me today that the scrap metal barge would be back here in a week or so and that it would be going to the Brack to get some material…
    because the landfill did not bale enough material to fill the barge…I wonder, if the last tender was for 5000 tons and 3200 went out the first trip and 3000 tons went out the second trip why is the barge coming back? Are they getting the material for free or has some deal been cut I am unaware of?
    I think i will contact One Steel in Tampa on monday and have a chat with them and see what the actual totals have been so far.

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