Personal Trainer Tara Godfrey

Tara Godfrey joined World Gym in 1995 as a dietary counsellor. However, she soon realised that she preferred the results she could see when working directly with active people, as opposed to sending people away with dietary advice and hoping they would take it.  

Therefore in 2005 Tara qualified with the National Association of Sport Medicine. Two years later she trained as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and today works primarily with the deconditioned population. Tara prefers to work with those who face greater physical challenges; individuals suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other degenerative diseases to both promote recovery and prevent injury.  

Through the optimum performance training method she guides her clients through corrective exercises, to strength building exercises and eventually into power, all within a safe and effective gym environment. 

Tara Godfrey

Tara Godfrey, personal trainer – Photo: Vicki Wheaton