Stop Cayman’s crime wave

Well, well it has happened again; almost the same modus operandi.

Someone has gone missing again on our Island and then someone else if found in the water around Grand Cayman.

Have the old pirates of old come back to Cayman to claim their island? No, this is not the case.

The case is a lot of people have gone missing on our beloved Cayman without a trace. The dogs and the big boys came in to check it out and help the RCIPS to stop the search, as the old pirates would say.

Write him off, but keep the case open.

Mothers with children, fathers, even children and young men are caught up in this crime wave that is upon Cayman. Even tourists are being affected by this. We must, as a people, be more alert of the different types of dangers we spawn within our Islands.

But you must find the answers to the people that are missing on this little island. The Marl Road is lit up with vibes about this last young man that went missing somewhere along Seven Mile Beach.

Something is very wrong with the feedback stories. Anyway, such a sad story again on our beautiful Cayman.

As Granny would say: The sign of the times, but I say this is the time, for as it seems no one seems to see anything, know anything and the poor police.

Maybe if we train some of our own dogs here on Cayman to help in such areas as missing people and drug detection we might get some results. And while we are at it, train some good bush police; some good jungle police that are not afraid of frogs and snakes and the like.

This has gotten out of hand and it seems that our present police department and all its officers cannot help and do not have the answers.

So if anyone that may know something and may be afraid to go to the police that may want to give this information about one of these missing people, you can call me at 928-0560. We must all try and do what we can to bring a halt to this madness before it destroys our Islands’ image in such a way that we run away the goose that has been giving us the golden egg; the tourist trade.

Caymanian united we must stand now, for we have been divided too long and our Island and our whole culture is being torn apart. And for all others here with us that love Cayman, join with us in the turning around of the good ship Cayman out of this crime wave and set her back on the course of peaceful and safe shores.

We were known as the friendliest nation of people in the world not too long ago. Look at us now in such a short time we are to some people the island 
they want to forget.

If we continue on this road for the next five years, many of you that are reading this letter today might find yourself away from Cayman or caught up in this crime wave yourself or even dead from it.

Remember, a lot of this that is bad for all of us was crated right here on Cayman. The rest of it was imported; even in our government services and all around us.

More and more people might go missing. It could be you or me next.

Advice to the wise: Do not wait for the police to protect you. Help keep yourself protected.

We must become better caretakers of our island home and in doing so become once again the people and the islands that all nations want to come to and enjoy some time with us in peace, safety and go back home telling their friends and family about this wonderful place called Cayman.

To all on Cayman, stop the violence and shut down the crime wave before it is too late.

We pray for the ones that are missing.

Emile S. Levy


  1. Emile is so right!

    Unfortunately over the past few years this has all been discussed over and over and over again right here on the compass website and other places i’m sure… no one seems to do much about it and especialy the government!

    I was on the Island first nine years ago and what appealed to me most was the fact that it was basically crime free… What a nice place.

    Well… As a regularly visiting ‘tourist’ I have news for you all on Grand Cayman… The island is nice but without the ‘Crime Free’ aspect of it… it is at best avarage! I get a distinct impression that only people from the ‘outside’ seem to realize that the island is seriously going to waste, and this at a very rapid pace!

    It’s about time the Caymanians stood up and started fighting for what is rightfully their’s ,and more so, so worth fighting for!

    I’ll be happy ‘as a mere tourist’ to do anything I can to help and protect the island I have come to love over the years, You won’t hear me complain if i need to sit through an hour of security checks uppon arrival.

    The unfortunate truth however is that only ‘you’ (the camanians and maybe a government that is capable of taking things seriously and be concerned about more than money, lobbying and pocket stuffing)can do something about this pressing problem!

    From the ‘outside’ it feels a lot like…

    No Problem, Soon Come…

    The clock is ticking and the ‘point of no return’ is comming ever closer. Please do Something…!

    I appologise to anyone who thinks i’m out of line here, just being a tourist, but it is because i love the island and it is so incredibly frustrating to see wat is going on!

  2. Well the crime wave is a direct correlation to the anti job movement, that has been going on for the last 2 years.

    Premier tries to create jobs. He is stymied by the people who think they know better. But then complain about the crime rate.

    If mid-low level jobs are not being created, or prevented from being created. Those are the target individuals who are doing the crime.

    Get them to work, and the crime will go back down.

    But the protesters won’t let the premier do that. EVERY opportunity to stymy progress, is done. Progress means to build. To build means new jobs. New jobs means less crime. Criminals are less apt to rob a store for a few hundred, when they can make that in a few days work, with no risk to jail. But without those mid-low level jobs. It becomes a risk they are willing to take.

    So campaign about dumps, roads, docking facilities, moving the docks, creating new docks, oil refineries, there are so many protests I can even remember all the job initiates the premier has tried to create. But in the last 2 years, it’s been more than mentioned above.

    I can’t make it more obvious than that.

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