Editorial 5th April: Long, safe holiday begins

 As we rise tomorrow morning for Good Friday 2012 we will begin the annual long Easter weekend.

For some of us it will mean attending church services; for others, camping. Some will go off island to shop or visit friends and relatives and still others will take advantage of the time off work and simply relax.

No matter how you plan to spend your weekend, we hope everyone will act responsibly and the pray that no one loses his or her life on the roadways or the sea.

Fortunately, we haven’t seen as many deadly car crashes this year as in years past, but we have seen an increase of deaths in the waters that surround our Islands.

Be forewarned that members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will be out in force on Cayman’s roadways and the Joint Customs and Marine Unit, as well as officers from the Department of Environment, will be patrolling the seas on boats and wave runners.

They’re not trying to spoil your fun; they just want you to do it safely.

If you’re out on the water this weekend, remember that lobster season is closed and conch season closes 30 April; limits apply, so check the regulations. Make sure you check with the port authority for any advisories and leave your VHF radio tuned to channel 16. Don’t overload your boat and life vests are required on wave runners.

Campers need to take some precautions too.

They should be responsible with the fires they build for cooking and shooing mosquitoes.

Officers will be patrolling areas popular with campers to make sure that all marine and land laws are abided by so that a safe environment is provided for everyone.

Everyone who traverses to visit friends, family and campers needs to make sure they don’t drink and drive.

We beg everyone to make sure that the four-day holiday goes off without a hitch.

If everyone acts responsibly and does their part we can almost ensure a safe Easter holiday.

Easter is all about hope.

It is our hope that yours is a wonderful holiday.

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