Cayman Brac interns benefit

The Cayman Brac District Administration internship programme is helping 24 college-bound students gain firsthand experience in the job market in Cayman Brac. These days, finding work can be a challenge, especially without experience. Yet, to get experience job seekers must first find work. An internship is a good first step.  

In order to accommodate the interns, District Administration District Commissioner Ernie Scott reduced the five-day work week to three and half days. This also allowed those students attending the University College of the Cayman Islands to stay on top of their studies, while gaining work experience. In addition, the internship programmes provides participants with a competitive edge in the job market, allows them to transition into a job and decide on the right career and enables them to network and gain confidence. 

The group of interns started working in September and will finish in May. The interns work at government departments including customs, immigration, public works, postal service, sports, treasury and the Mosquito Research and Control Unit. The programme was started in 1995 by Acting District Commissioner Joel Walton to give short-term relief coverage in government departments and provide workplace exposure for graduates.  

“For many years, high school graduates on Cayman Brac had no option other than to leave the island to find employment, as they sought some source of income,” Mr. Scott said. “We want to offer some degree of hope and relief to students and this programme provides the opportunity to the interns before they continue with tertiary education or embark on a permanent career.”  

Interns Jovonnie Anglin and Rachel Dilbert explained that they have learned valuable lessons. 

Mr. Anglin, who interns with Customs, said: “It is teaching me what is expected in the workplace, and is making me more responsible. I know how to budget better and understand the importance of staying within a fixed income.”  

Ms Dilbert, who interns at the Immigration Department, said: “It has been a good experience and I am enjoying meeting different people each day as I go through my work day. It has also sharpened my skills.” Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, the deputy premier and government minister responsible for District Administration, encouraged the interns to continue their education.  

“Don’t stop here,” she said. “Make this a starting point. Continue with tertiary education, because education opens doors. There are many more doors for you all to open with God’s help.” 

Cayman Brac interns

Deputy Premier and government minister responsible for District Administration Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, centre; along with District Commissioner Ernie Scott; Wanda Tatum, right; and Deputy Commissioner Mark Tibbetts, left; Acting Deputy Chief Officer DAWL&A Jonathan Jackson gather at District Administration hall 30 March with some of the interns. – Photo: Submitted

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