‘Gang-related’ stabbing at Royal Palms

Royal Palms-MDR lg

A man is recovering in hospital after he was stabbed at Royal Palms along Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach Monday afternoon.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said two other men were arrested in
connection with the incident.

“The Royal Palms was very busy [Monday] afternoon because of the
Million Dollar Run event,” said RCIPS Sergeant Joe Wright. “The stabbing took place on the beach side patio
area of
the bar”

Officers said they were looking into the possibility that the incident may have been “gang-related”. 

At about 4.10pm Monday, police received
a report that a 28-year-old man had
sustained stab wounds to his body following an incident at the beach side bar
at Royal Palms on Seven Mile Beach.

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Police said the man was taken to the Cayman Islands
Hospital where he is in stable condition. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Two men, age 18 and 24, have since been arrested in
connection with the incident. They were arrested on suspicion of attempted
murder and remain in police custody.

“Anyone who was in the area and saw the stabbing, or indeed any kind of
a disturbance  take place, is urged to contact the police as soon as possible,” Sergeant Wright said.
“Information can be given in confidence. In addition, if you have any video
footage or photographs which were taken in the bar area [Monday] we would be
keen to view those.”

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  1. Broad daylight in the middle Caymans premier tourist center. Funny how people take road moves or the such more serious then things like this. I would how many Cruise Ship passenger and stay over tourists were on the beach that day that go home and tell this story when asked about how they enjoyes the Cayman islands. Still to this day I haven’t seen on So called concerned Citizen or Polititian organise or try to rally the people to fight rising crime or gangs. Either they are just scared of them of getting something out of it..

  2. To Patrons of the Royal Palms

    This week while hosting the Million Dollar Boat Race an incident occurred when two individuals created a disturbance. Fortunately these individuals were arrested and hopefully will be dealt with accordingly. To the thousands of guests that visit us every week you can rest assured that we will do our best to make sure that this does not happen again. To those who are unfamiliar with the Royal Palms we hope that you will come by to see all of the good things we have to offer. It is a shame that during a public event 2 individuals could tarnish the reputation that we have worked hard to achieve for over 14 years. The Royal Palms prides itself on welcoming visitors and residents alike to enjoy our facility.

    Donald Loyd,
    General Manager
    The Royal Palms Beach Club

  3. What happened to your much-vaunted, self-glorified security provider ?

    Or have they been found out, just like they were at another location…with disastrous results.

    Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

  4. I did not see any at this event. I think if Cayman wants to seriously cut the crime rate, especially violent crimes robberies, they need to put a lot more money into hiring even more police officers. Maybe some just specialize in Gangs and Guns. Even if they bring them in on 2 year contracts — once we get things under control (and it’s likely it’s just a handful of criminals committing all these crimes robbberies) then we can reduce the police force back to normal numbers of officers. But until then, the police need more help.

  5. Officers said they were looking into the possibility that the incident may have been gang-related…………

    Well folks, whether ‘gang related’ or not, it sure gives a convenient label and might distract us from thinking that the ‘have and have not’culture which is a more distinct possibility is the real reason for this.

    But then the Premier says that Cayman is no worse than anywhere else. Who do they hope to convince? The tourists?

  6. Cayman Mermaid – you are so right. A visible police presence on the ground would have been a good idea . I was pleased to see the boat out on the water , that was ideal. The helicopter was buzzing back and forth but to what purpose? Putting officers in uniform at the centre of the ‘action’ could have been a deterrent. I was also at Royal Palms at around 4:30, when there was a card drawing going on. I saw no signs of police presence. The place was Packed, mind you, I also saw no signs of something as horrible as a stabbing having occurred.

  7. More money into the Police Force??!! Mermaid, you can’t be serious. Cayman has one of the largest police forces per capita in the WORLD. Where are they?We don’t need more officers, we need the current officers doing their job!