Earth friendly focus at ‘green’ fair

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and the Department of Environment have joined forces to highlight the different ways our tourism industry strives to be green and the entities will showcase those efforts at the annual Living Green Fair on Friday, 20 April.  

This free event will take place on the lawns of the Governor’s residence from 11am to 6pm, with vendors providing information and demonstrations of environmentally-friendly offerings.  

“It is the hope of the DOT and DOE that the valuable information provided at the fair will further educate the public sector on the importance of implementing a variety of eco-friendly practices in the workplace and at home,” said Acting Director Shomari Scott. “Through the efforts of the Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector – a joint venture between the departments of tourism and environment and the private sector – we continually encourage the implementation of environmental best practices throughout our tourism industry and our proud of the many successes that have been put in place in recent years.”  

There are five accommodations or attractions that have implemented the best practices outlined by CEPTS, earning the distinction of being Green Globe Certified, with an additional five establishments in the process of finalising its requirements. To earn this coveted recognition, each establishment must undergo an environmental assessment, apply a number of standards and environmental best practices, and submit to a strict audit by an 
independent third party. 

“We are extraordinarily proud to have so many of our tourism partners mirror the departments’ and government’s commitment to sustainable tourism,” said Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush. “Green Globe Certification is an internationally recognised designation in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry that demonstrates a commitment to the environment and sustainable operations and management for which we highly support. The partnership between the private sector and government to incorporate these best practices will further strengthen our market in the years to come by making us even more attractive to eco-tourists.”  


Tourism entities interested in enhancing their environmental performance and becoming Green Globe Certified are encouraged to contact the Department of Tourism at 949-0623. 

Southern Cross Little Cayman

The Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman is one of the Green Globe certified operations in the Cayman Islands. – Photo: File

Southern Cross Little Cayman - 1

The Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman is one of the Green Globe certified operations in the Cayman Islands. – Photo: File


  1. To put this story in context it is worth checking out the Green Globe Certification criteria –

    Assuming that is the full list of criteria, I do not see any commitment to sustainable energy, re-cycling, conservation of energy and water or other areas serious eco-tourists expect to find in green credentials. In fact minimising the enviromental impact of the resorts seems to come a poor second to complying with what are, after all, basic management and legal requirements.

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