Editorial for 01 May: Dress up, down to help CNCF

Who yuh fuh?

It’s a question you’ve probably been asked more than once if
you’ve spent any length of time in the Cayman Islands.

It’s the way Caymanians get to know who you are, where you
are from and who you belong to.

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation is taking that
simple, yet loaded question to the next level this Friday when people are
encouraged to dress up or down to reflect the culture and heritage of their

Businesses are being asked to get someone to coordinate Who
Yuh Fuh Dress for Culture Day to rally employees to help out with this CNCF
fundraiser. Those who participate are asked to donate $5 or more to CNCF on the
day. The money raised will be used for CNCF youth programmes.

So far those include:

Young At Arts – includes after-school theatre arts

Summer Arts Camp – For youngsters ages 7-16, campers get
involved in a variety of artistic and cultural activities such as drama and
storytelling, dance, music, thatch plaiting, food art and other arts and
traditional craft projects.

Young Image Makers – a short film competition including a
filmmaking workshop.

Grants for the Arts – financial grants to individuals,
groups and organisations to help further development of the arts.

Businesses are also encouraged to let employees hold some
kind of fundraiser Friday to help raise even more money for CNCF by way of bake
or craft sales, car washes or any way they can think of to help this worthy

The group that raises the most money for CNCF will receive a
premium Culture Basket valued at $250 and featured in the CNCF eNewsletter and

We think this unique fundraising idea has merit and as many
as possible should participate.

In addition to raising money, CNCF is attempting to promote
the fact that we are all a part of one big family and can unite in this cause
to support programmes for the youth of the Cayman Islands.


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