Rollers are High-minded

The MEPCO High Rollers may be second best in local hockey but they still harbour title dreams.

Coming into this week, MEPCO is second in Cayman’s national roller hockey league. The squad is next in action this Tuesday, 8 May, at 8.10pm against frontrunners the Club House Sharks.

High Rollers team captain Darryl Hather states the Sharks are the biggest obstacle for a championship at Kings Sports Centre.

“It looks like three teams are pretty competitive and two teams have struggled in the Flames and Pirate’s Den Spartans,” Hather said. “Spartans have had problems fielding a full team and their best player, Chris Creighton, was out early.

“The Sharks are probably the best team in the league. We’ve played them well but came up short. They are the most competitive team so far and the most balanced team. It’s going to be, based on the standings now, a tough road for us to make the finals. It’s tough to do it but I’m confident we can do it. I’m not expecting any upsets, I’m expecting a Sharks-High Rollers final.”

The last available standings show the High Rollers at 4-3 while the Sharks are 8-1. After them come the 3-4 Gamebirds, 2-3-1 Flames and 1-5 Spartans. Goaltending has been a strong suit for the top clubs, with the Sharks’ Scott Hughes (82.6 save percentage, 132 saves, 23 goals allowed) and Rollers’ Andrew Finlason (81.0 save percentage, 137 saves, 26 goals allowed) among the league’s best.

In addition, Rob Rintoul of the Sharks is the league’s leading scorer (26 points, 12 assists, 14 goals) with team-mates Dan Etherington (19 points, 17 goals), Joe Jewitt (13 points, nine goals) and Tim Courtis (13 points, 11 assists) not far off. Mark Missal (17 points, 14 goals), Ryan Pull (13 points, 11 goals) and Brad Kirby (10 points, eight assists) lead the High Rollers.

Aside from the Sharks-Rollers match, Tuesday also sees the Spartans battling the Flames at 9.10pm. While most of their stats are unimpressive, they do have some offensive talent. Jason Windsor (17 points, nine assists) and Rob Seward (17 points, 11 goals) pace the Flames while Chris Anton (11 points, six goals) propels the Spartans.

The league is currently in week 14 of the 15-week regular season. The playoffs start on 22 May.

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