Stop pushing Caymanians

It seems as if it has gotten down to the people of these Islands having to put their foot down and take the bull by the horn. Why does the present leadership and their friends and investment partners continue to push something that the people do not want?

Maybe they do not understand that road means more to us than their investment or plans for whatever they may want to put there where the road is now.

We are against it. Our people from all over Cayman and the world have used that road for generations. It would be like us destroying Heroes Square that we have come to love so much.

I speak for all Caymanians that love our Cayman. Stop pushing us. Instead, listen to what we need. Our culture and way of life needs to be protected and made better, not tear down and destroy.

Investors will come and go but the Cayman people must always be here. Stop your endangerment of our people and our Island. Leave our section of West Bay Road alone.

Stop your disrespecting of our people. Now to some of these in the leadership positions that would want to try and get people jailed for standing up against what they know is wrong for this Island and its people, soon and very soon you all will be out of government. After all you are against the same people that vote members in or out of government.

Perhaps you need more education in order for you to understand that the people of these Islands have their right to protect against many things and just in case you still do not know, they have a right to protect against you.

So to all Caymanians on these Islands, if there is something that we do not want that even if the governor wants to impose on us that we all know is not good for us and our Islands, we will stand up against it. And in doing so have the wishes of the people upheld and respected. It is our right, so hear that all may understand, no dump in Bodden Town.

No Road closure in West Bay, Seven Mile Beach area and not China port deal, no Chinese workers and nothing else the people really do not want.

So get with the people and listen for a change and stop trying to be dictators and slave masters of the people.

We will not stand for it anymore.

Instead try to figure out how to bring more peace to these Islands and its poor people and to all of you very rich investors that can build whole towns, share more of your wealth directly with the people and not those in leadership positions. And stop trying to push my people. They might just push back.

We are peaceful people who were once united living under God’s protection. We were all happy and did not know war. But all of this has changed in some way. Please try our very best to shut down the crime wave.

Emile S. Levy


  1. In a democracy the majority rules, if a majority were against the project you decry then it would not happen. If those who opposed it thought they had a majority they would have followed the OMOV petition model, instead a minority are trying to get their way, the tail wagging the dog so to speak.

  2. While I am not Caymanian, I have lived here for 9 years and could not agree more with what Emile has written. It’s not just Caymanians who want the Island left as is…more often than not, the expats are against tearing down of sites like Sea View and Beach Club in favour of monstrosities that will sit half empty. Why do we need another 5 star beach front hotel when the Ritz isn’t even at full capacity?

    Cayman is losing the Island feel for the concrete jungle and money grubbing politicians.

    Panama Jack – I disagree with your statement. Politicians do not care how the people feel and even though a majority may rule on paper, politicians over rule in favour of themselves.

  3. i must say I disagree. You want the crime wave to stop, well economics and crime go hand in hand, the investment this island needs will provide jobs and help to reduce crime. Change is inevitable, particularly where the land is owner by developers. The only solution is to be more proactive in planning policy to ensure that the correct level of control can be exerted over development. You cannot have your cake and eat it, without investment and development there are no jobs, less money for the needy and the poor. Don’t fight against the inevitable change always comes, put your resources into getting the most out of this change to better enhance what you feel is important be it handouts to the less well off or more public space to enjoy.

  4. I shed few tears for the Seaview Hotel, which was a cockroach-ridden dumps.

    But I certainly was sad to see the pretty pink villas that were the Caribbean Club demolished to make way for the huge concrete structure we now have.

    But why did this happen? Because 100% of the owners of the Caribbean Club condos wanted it. And they built it within the planning laws.

    I am more saddened to drive past the once beautiful Hyatt Hotel, devasted by Ivan and never repaired. Why not? I assume the owners didn’t want to spend money re-building it in that location. So it has been left to rot.

    We have read a lot about the bad changes that have taken place over the last 40 years. But little about the good changes.

    40 years ago most homes had no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no phones, no cars, no air conditioning and people were trapped in their homes at night in the sweltering heat by the billions of mosquitoes that used to plague this island.

    Why didn’t people have those things, they were available in the USA and Europe? Because this country was desperately poor and few people could afford them.

    Progress means changes.

    I hear complaints about Camana Bay. How many families were forced from their homes to built it? None, it was built on swamp and re-claimed land.

    How many jobs for Caymanians has this project created? Hundreds.

    And how many families will be forced from their homes when this short section of 7 mile beach is closed? None. We need a better road as the current one is too prone to flooding in storms. We need jobs. We need tourists.

  5. Big investors should share their wealth directly with the People? Does that mean she thinks the should just be giving money directly to Caymanians? Does this mean that as Caymanians you are just entitled to a share in the wealth of people who worked hard and made go investments without having to do anything?

    I am curious, do her thoughts reflect the feelings of all Caymanians?

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