Holiday called for July referendum

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush said Tuesday that the upcoming referendum on the ‘one man, one vote’ issue will require that a public holiday be called.

The date for that vote is now set for 18 July. Lawmakers are expected to approve a formal referendum bill in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

Mr. Bush said the logistics of holding the vote during a weekday required that a holiday be called.

“In order to have sufficient personnel to work in the polling process, people will have to be off from work,” Mr. Bush said.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will use special constables – unpaid volunteer officers – to secure polling sites. Both public and private sector workers are being recruited as election officers and overseers, Mr. Bush said.

Supporters of the referendum seek to change Cayman’s current multi-member constituencies to single-member districts. The referendum would require nearly 8,000 ‘yes’ votes to pass.


  1. Why would they have a voting session on the weekend and when have you ever seen that happen on the Island. If you are NOT a Caymanian keep out of our politics and if you are educate yourself on the importance of this vote!

  2. Sweetness

    It appears somebody struck a chord with you. I get the impression from your comments and the style of your writing that you say this type of thing on a regular basis. When somebody is right, where they are from should make no difference.

    As for the vote resulting in a public holiday, I have never heard of such foolishness. Give people an hour or two off from work and thats plenty. Its not a general election.So what if it takes 2 days. Ask the government how much it costs to call a public holiday. Based on the fact that the majority of people work in the public service, it would amount to one big heap of money. Noone is downplaying the importance of the vote.So Sweetness, pull back the tannels.

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