Commissioner Baines to speak during police association meeting

Members of the Cayman Islands Police Association will hold their first training seminar for police officers to address a host of issues regarding police service, responsibilities and family life.  

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Commissioner David Baines is scheduled to attend and give a welcome address at the Reliable Industries Conference Centre. The event begins around 10am Thursday (today).  

“It’s the first of its kind event,” said Sergeant Winsome Prendergast, an officer in the association. “We’re going to try and go it at least once a year, maybe biannually.”  

Speakers at the conference will address issues related to the police association and police welfare; including how officers can access services and participate in the organisation.  

“We have a number of new officers and we just want to orient them on the department,” Sgt. Prendergast said.  

In addition, presentations about insurance coverage, health care and human rights will be given. Some financial advice for officers will also be available.  

Sgt. Prendergast said a number of officers are expected to attend the event, which runs until 5pm and has a dinner and karaoke event afterward.  

However, she advises the public not to worry, plenty of police officers will remain at their posts to ensure public safety. 


Mr Baines

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