Fine art exposition
slated for Marriott

The first International Biennial of Art Exhibition and Sale has been happening for the past couple of days and Friday, 1 June, is the last opportunity to experience some wonderful stuff.

Up at Balboa’s Lounge at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort from 10am to 10pm, says Sarah Hunter, there’s a wicked load of cool stuff. (Actually she didn’t say it quite like that, but we are summarising).

“The expo is being organised by Andrew Porter, who is a fine art consultant on island,” Sarah tells us.

“This is the sixth expo that he has done at the Marriott and it is meant to attract local finance and executives. The expos have proven to be very successful in the past.

“Andrew will be present during the expo to allow for guests and attendees to inquire about the art pieces, the artists, prices and so on.”
There is the magical number of 23 pieces of art on show.

Andrew said artists come from 15 countries including United States, Cayman, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, India and Turks and Caicos.

“This is the first International Biennial of Art and includes artists whose works have a projection and interest in Cayman and also International venues and markets.

“The art show honours Cayman artist CE Whitney for her Cayman and international career. Multimedia works by Cayman artist Amar Sheow are also included. This is one of most prestigious art shows to be presented in the Caymans and is designed to turn the international spotlight on the Cayman art scene. Some of the Latin American artworks by Claudio Gallina, A lexis Leyva, ‘Kcho’ and Lazaro Herrera, ‘Tuty’ are exhibited in museums throughout the world and their artworks are sold by Sothebys, Christies and Phillips,” Andrew says.

Free entry so no excuses

Best of all, the exhibition is free entry – no tickets required at all so just rock up to Balboa’s Lounge in the main lobby of the popular Seven Mile Beach resort and get stuck in.

“The theme of this showing is Cayman, the Caribbean and the Sea. Most of the painting are oil on canvas, but there are a few water colour pieces, giclees, lithographs, and sculptures,” Sarah elaborates, which sounds groovy to us.

On show are works by Amelia Pelaez (Cuba), Lazaro Herrera Tuty (Cuba), Claudio Gallina (Argentina), Alexis Leyva Kcho (Cuba), C.E. Whitney (Cayman), Amar Sheow (Cayman),

Oswaldo Guayasamin (Ecuador), Bertram Brooker (Canada), Joseph Baynard (USA), Jason Cullen (Turks and Caicos), Carlos Cabrera (Cuba). Prices range from $75 up to more than $4,000. So take your wallet. But of course, as Weekender says to our spouse, there’s nothing wrong with having a good look when you come down to it.

The exhibition is officially sponsored by the Marriott, Sandon Feat Art Gallery of Cayman and Rainbow Photo Studios in Elizabethan Square.