Trivia nights not so trivial

If you’re tired of the usual drill how about trying something new? Trivia nights render a refreshing evening where you can have a laugh as well as learn quirky facts such as how many thorns are there on the crown of the statue of liberty? Or which 10 countries have a name that is composed of four letters?

You can tap into your intellectual side while spending time in the company of friends and family. If you’re lucky you and your team members might even win a fabulous prize. Here in Cayman there are a variety of venues that host trivia nights open for the public to enjoy.

The Humane Society hosts a trivia night on the third Thursday of every month at Fidel Murphy’s. Local volunteer Justine Riseley says it’s well worth checking out.

“We have a good mixture of people. A lot of people come for the social aspect as it gives them something different to do, to sit with friends, have some drinks and food and a fun-filled night,” she tells us.

Justine says it’s a well-rounded group and everyone is absolutely welcome. “We get lots of people coming from all walks of life. Most people just come to do something fun and support the charity. The more the merrier and we love it when all the seats are sold out as we know it will be lots of fun and we will make money for the shelter to help the animals,” she says.

Raising money

Although the humane society has only been doing the trivia night for two years, the events have been a success raising an average of $1,700 for each night including the raffle. Justine says the prizes range from cash, dinners or lunch vouchers as well as donated T-shirts by sponsors which allows the money raised to go straight to the animals. Not only will contestants get the chance to win a prize they will also be supporting a good cause helping animals find a caring home. Prizes can be won by contestants for first, second and third place.

“Come along to our pub quiz for a night full of fun and to support the needs of the homeless and abandoned dogs and cats of the Cayman Islands,” Justine says. It’s $10 a head and groups of six are preferred.

If you’re a real trivia night extrovert, Tuesday is trivia night at the Doghouse every week. It’s free to play and Michelle, Guillemette, Bartender, says “Get here early, it starts at 7pm and you can win a gift certificate or even a case of beer.” Lone Star also hosts a trivia night on Tuesdays which is free to enter. Raquel Santoyo, waitress, says the atmosphere is fun and a variety of prizes can be won, ranging from a free round of drinks to T-shirt giveaways. So gather up a group together and head on over and compete for the winning title.

Interested to know the answers to the questions above?

Q: How many thorns are there on the crown of the statue of liberty?

A: There are seven spikes on her head.

Q: Which 10 countries have a name that is composed of four letters?

A: Chad, Cuba, Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Mali, Oman, Peru, Togo.

Give trivia night a go, but remember to leave your smart phones at home, that would take all of the fun out of it.