Student festival of arts performers awarded

Students were recently awarded with various certificates, trophies, plaques and gift awards for stellar performances from the recent National Children’s Festival of the Arts. 

From literature and drama to song and instrumental performances, youngsters shone and presenters at the Church of God Holiness Red Bay on Friday had much praise for the children involved and the sponsors. 

Special welcoming remarks came from Education Services Customer Service Manager James Watler about the festival’s vibrant competition. 

Presenting Cayman National Cultural Foundation awards for top winners was Lorna Bush.  

The winner included: 

Infant Speech Choir – “Liar Liar”, Cayman Academy; 

Speech Solo – Original Poem O’Laro Waite – “The strife of Life” Layman Scott High School; 

Best performance with a Caymanian theme: Olivia Zimmer – “Just Because”, Cayman Prep and High School. 

Rotary awards were presented by Larry Tibbetts director of vocational services for Rotary Central. 


Sarah Pierson – “To grin and Bear It” Cayman International School;  

Sabrina Silva – “Solar Energy: Good for Japan, but what about Cayman?”, Cayman International School;  

Samuel Burnstein – “Two-Face Cayman” – Cayman Prep and High  

Better Futures Awards 

Sign language, Lighthouse School Choir;  

Vocal Choir, Red Bay Primary junior choir 

Song Writing, Red Bay Primary Aleah Copeland and Chaiz-le Frederick and Prospect Primary Dylan McLean. 

Literary, George Town Primary Makeda Harris – “Sharing as a responsible Caymanian”; Denis Abat – “Domestic Violence” and Josette Facey – “ Child Abuse in Cayman”. 

Art, George Town Primary and Triple C School. 

Dance, Dance Unlimited and Miss Jackie’s School of dance 

Other awards will be delivered to the schools. 

NCFA Cayman prep

Lorna Bush presents Olivia Zimmer of Cayman Prep and High School an award for best performance with a Caymanian theme.

NCFA Lighthouse school

Lighthouse School students receive an award from Rotary Central’s Larry Tibbetts. – Photo: Jewel Levy