Students got a kick out of class

Learning martial arts teaches patience, determination and above all self defence.

Students who regularly attend the Extended After School Programme at the D Dalmain Ebanks gym were treated to a special self defence class two weeks ago.

Celebrated martial arts instructor Bob Daigle and the Ministry of Education worked together to provide students who attend EASP with one on one training with two champion martial arts American pros.

Danny Davis Jr, a kickboxing champion and mixed martial arts fighter, and Derek Weaver, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor and UFC fighter, were at the gym to give students pointers in kickboxing and martial arts.

The group were excited and totally absorbed in the new tactics delivered during the special class.

Daigle said: “One of the goals with this training session is to introduce different martial styles to our young people on island in the hope that they will want to get involved and stay active.”

Through the class, each of the students was able to practice tucks, rolls and holding positions. Daigle said: “Having kids practicing any of the martial arts will build focus, goal setting and active lifestyles.”

One particular success was Edward Frederick, 14, who after only two days’ training the Clifton Hunter schoolboy won a bronze grappling medal against adults.

The Ministry was delighted to be able to set up this class for the after school programme. Michael Myles, Programme Coordinator, Liaison Officer-At Risk Youth in the Ministry said: “We are most grateful for Mr. Daigle and his international team for coming down and sharing with the kids the experience that one gains while practicing a healthy lifestyle and the martial arts.”

The EASP introduces children to new activities with a focus on homework and tutoring, sporting activities, youth activities, culinary arts, community service and arts and crafts.