Oneworld Music and Art Showcase at Camana Bay

Wipe the dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to dance the night away at Camana Bay. A showcase of both music and art is being held at The Crescent on Saturday, 14 July, 6 to 9pm. 

The evening is completely free and open to the public. Those who go will be able to enjoy a concert featuring local bands, K-Man-Son, Little Magic and Gary Ebanks; a local jazz musician.  

“We play ‘Soulful Acoustic Fusion’, blending Jazz, Caribbean, Blues, Soul and Rock into a unique, breezy Cayman musical style,” says Eden Hurlston, who sings and plays percussion in the band Little Magic. “Little Magic is working on original songs, some of which you’ll hear at the showcase. We’ll also be playing as a duo at The Brasserie on Thursday, 26 July.” 

As well as the talented musicians, there will be a separate tent housing an exquisite art display by the Visual Arts Society. Pat Nicolson, Valarie Cottier and a few other featured artists from Visual Arts Society will have their artwork on display and for sale, including BATIK prints, woodwork, canvas paintings, art cards and ceramics.  

Attendees will also have a chance to buy The Visual Arts Society’s charity T-Shirts, on sale for $15. Visual Arts Society administrator Mary McCallum tells us that a percentage of these T-Shirt sales will go to the charity of the evening, as well as the Kiwanis Breakfast Programme and the Visual Arts Society Children’s Art supply Programme. 

Mary also tells us of Visual Arts Society’s other plans for the summer: “We plan to be participating in next month’s Music Showcase on Saturday, 11 August and also be at the Island Living show July 21 and 22, and in a few weeks time we will have a tent at the Camana Bay Wednesday Market.” 


Family friendly 

Eden has been running the event on the second Saturday of every month, since December 2010. “We at Oneworld wanted to create a monthly event that would unify Music, The Visual Arts and Community Organisations in a casual, family friendly environment,” Eden says. “The concept of the showcase being a cooperative effort between businesses, the arts and community organisations – a win, win, win situation that can be a model for how we pursue community development in Cayman.” 

Each month, the showcase supports a different local charity or organisation. July’s showcase will aid the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, a nonprofit organisation for which the aim is to preserve natural environments and places of historical significance in the Cayman Islands.  

Eden advises us why the National Trust is an important charity to support, “They are a fantastic organisation with a great team and an important mission to preserve our environment and our history.” 

National Trust will have a separate tent where you will be able to learn more about their organisation and make contributions, which will be greatly appreciated. 

“I look forward to each and every showcase because it feels great to be a part of something positive and something that I’ve seen grow over the past 18 months,” Eden says. “It reminds me that positivity is possible if we just get together and roll up our sleeves with good intentions in mind. The more of this spirit we can bring to our community in general, the brighter Cayman’s future becomes.” 

So come, let your hair down, throw on your dancing shoes and show your support for a worthy cause.