Rising star enjoys island life

Takes a break from school, camera

Dreams do come true; all it takes is perseverance and hard work. 

At 15, young Sterling Ardrey has made his way not only through Hollywood commercials and movies this young man is the perfect example of achieving something if you put your mind to it. 

On vacation in Grand Cayman with mum Stephanie, through an invite of Catherine Tyson’s Lighten Up show on Cayman 27, young Sterling expressed his joy for the Island’s beaches, food and lovely atmosphere.  

Taking the break from school activities and acting, Sterling shared his walk through fame from a very early age. 

“At my age it is tough to get into theatrical but as you get older it is much harder,” he said. “What I would say to other kids wanting to get into the field is, any opportunity you get to do anything that allows, you to go for it. Even if it is a stage play at your school, with friends, on UTube; do something you are talented in and try to get other people to view it. If they see what they like they will contact you and it will take off from there,” said Sterling. 

After being booked for a number of commercials at age 5, his career took off when he was booked on an episode of the series The Shield.  

Since then he has played parts in movies such as Our Family Wedding, Fit to be Tied, First Sunday with Ice Cube, Santa Clause III and Jericho and acted in commercials for companies such as Tylenol and McDonalds. 


Juggling act 

How does Sterling handling acting and school work?  

“To me right now it is not tiring; it is a job. “It is an opportunity I have that a lot of other kids do not get to do so I am taking advantage of it being a big part of my life and helping me in the future. I do not want it to be my only career, but it could be my trampoline to help me springboard into other things such as writing and production and I want to go into my own business in real estate and business management just like my mom,” he said. 

“As a kid, Sterling always wanted to perform,” said mum Stephanie. “We had a karaoke machine in the living room and when people came by he wanted to perform for them. I would ask people to watch for a few minutes and they would be taken with his performances,” she said. 

Being an entertainer herself and knowing what show business entails, Stephanie was hesitant at first for her son to get into show business. After being encouraged by many people, she finally took her son to audition at age 4. 

It happened one day an audition was taking place not far from home when she asked her son if he would like to go and check it out and he said yes.  

“My first reaction was it was going to be like a zoo with lots of people. But after my son performed, we were asked to come back.  

When we returned my son refused to take a polarised picture. We left thanking the people for their time. “That was his 15 minutes of fame at age 5.”  

But young Sterling was not finished with the acting world. After a vacation he was ready to take the picture and gave his mother the OK. 

Within 90 days he was booked for two commercials; one for McDonalds and the other in Canada to film a Lunchables commercial. 

After that, bookings came for movies. 


Stays busy 

Asked if he gets tired of acting and having to do school work, he said no. Today Sterling is auditioning, although busy with academic studies and basketball. He has not booked anything recently, which he said gives him time to work on his Sterling D Ardrey Foundation about handling money concepts taught by his mum. “The main focus of the foundation is to work on programmes that work with the youths in assisting them with reading, business, the importance of getting an education and finding something you like to do and creating a career from it,” he said. 

Growing up in Southern California, he attends Tustin High School and is a Grade 10 student with a 4.2 average. When it comes to being popular at school, he said his popularity does not come from being an actor but his connections with other people. He is friendly and easy to get along with and loves basketball; making the team recently on his home team. 

While on vacation in Grand Cayman, Stephanie got an opportunity to share with Cayman her business book Show me The Money; the nine keys to profit to seek out potential business partnerships. 

Here on the Island, while enjoying the social elements of the country, she got to know the people, food, cultural heritage, dominoes and met interesting people. 

Sterling Ardrey

Sterling Ardrey with mom Stephanie, right and host of “Lighten Up” Catherine Tyson. – Photo: Jewel Levy