Keep up the good work

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for allowing me space in your newspaper. I write this missive as an open letter to the CEO and Founder of The New Self-Help Community Foundation Mr. J.C. Connor.  

I write to firstly commend him on the admirable work he and his team continue to do for the artistically talented young people of the Cayman Islands, particularly those from the lower brackets of society who are extremely talented but find themselves in poverty-stricken circumstances. And secondly to give him acclaim for a superb job on showcasing so many of Cayman’s best gifted young people.  

And thirdly I write this also in a fashion of critical commentary. Mr. Connor I am aware that The New Self-Help Community Foundation has assisted several young Caymanians with partial or full scholarships to pursue performing arts courses locally and abroad. I would only but ask that this is continued kind sir. The Community Foundation was founded in 2001 and is a registered non-profit organisation in the Cayman Islands. Your Community Foundation has lived up to its aim, which is to assist the youth of Cayman giving them exposure on stage and to various performing arts programmes. Having been associated with your groundwork on and off over the last 12 years, I can confidently say to you and the readers of this fine newspaper that The New Self-Help Community Foundation is one of learning and education.  

I would add that it reaches out to young people in areas where other ‘established foundations’ would rather not go. Congratulations Mr. Connor on a job well done with Talent Xposition of the Arts! 


Quincy Brown