Fight back with Krav Maga

If someone were to attack you, would you know how to defend yourself? Do you understand your personal strengths and how you can use them?

A new gym called The Bootcamp, owned by Ronnie James Hughes, is offering classes in Krav Maga and self defence every Wednesday night. The classes are free, but donations are appreciated and all contributions will go to the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

Want to find out what Krav Maga is all about? A seminar, demonstration and fundraiser is being held on Saturday, 4 August. The seminar will take place at the Bootcamp Gym, Westshore Plaza, Seven Mile Beach and will be running throughout the day, starting at 12pm and ending between 5 and 6pm.

“Participants will be learning self defence, combatics and how they can use household items to defend themselves,” says Ronnie.

Two of the world’s top instructors of Krav Maga, Mr. David Kahn and Miss Avital Zeisler, are flying to Grand Cayman for this exciting event.

“It’s a practical seminar, so people will actually be participating in the demonstrations with other people, as well as interacting with David, Avital and myself,” Ronnie explains.

Krav Maga is the most effective, simplistic, reality based self-defence system in the world, and one that caters for many different scenarios. You are taught how to react in real situations, ones you could potentially find yourself in. You won’t be taught fighting routines for the big screen; you will be shown defence techniques to use in real life.

Ronnie insists that age, size, gender, weight and level of fitness have little effect on your fighting ability; you don’t have to be large and strong to be able to defend yourself.

Hard to believe, right? I thought so too, but after taking one of Ronnie’s classes myself, I now understand that no matter how much stronger or bigger my attacker appears, I am still able to defend myself.

“I want people to go away realising that they do not have to be a martial artist; they don’t have to be a super athlete; they don’t have to be young or old to learn very simple and effective self defence techniques,” says Ronnie. “These will be the building blocks for people to develop not only their self defence skills, but also confidence in their fitness.”

This seminar is a great opportunity to hear not only from Ronnie, who is extremely passionate about this issue, but also from two of the top Krav Maga instructors in the world.

“It will be a really, really good day. It’s not very often our small island has people of such a high calibre come to deliver a seminar on such an important subject,” says Ronnie. “We have a lot of muggings and robberies here in Cayman; this issue really is important.”

Tickets are $50, this includes refreshments, participation, meeting David and Avital, plus a week’s free membership at The Bootcamp Gym.

As the seminar is in aid of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, which provides safe houses, protection, counselling and support for victims of sexual, domestic and psychological abuse, a donation from the proceeds will be used to help them.

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