Online Poll: Political scene and economy biggest issues facing Cayman

Sixty per cent of the 751 respondents to last week’s online poll believe Cayman’s political scene or economy are the biggest issues facing the country today. 

The largest segment of respondents – 233 people or 31 per cent – said Cayman’s political scene was the biggest challenge. 

“The political scene affects all of the other issues,” said one person. 

“Party politics and the premier having way too much power to make decisions without the proper channels being taken,” said someone else. 

“The previous Government creating huge debt with no means to repay,” commented another respondent.  

“We need a completely new government,” said one person. 

Another large segment of respondents – 218 people or 29 per cent – said the economy was the biggest issue facing the Cayman Islands right now. 

“Everything sort of springs from the economic situation – crime, immigration policies, the political scene and development (or in cases, the lack thereof),” said one person. 

“If I could vote twice, my next vote would be the political scene as I believe that both are inextricably linked,” said someone else. 

Crime was the biggest issue facing Cayman for 147 people, or 19.5 per cent of the respondents. 

“Although the police seem to be doing a better job at finding offenders these days, the fact that gun crimes continue to occur at the rate they are is very concerning,” said one person. “I won’t go where the crime rate has increased as it has on Cayman Islands,” said someone else. 

“I no longer can feel safe on the Island, especially East End,” said another respondent. 

“The crime is affecting my quality of life more than the other choices,” commented one person. 

“Listing crime and the political scene as separate choices is redundant,” quipped someone else. 

Sixty people – 7.9 per cent – said immigration policies were the biggest issue facing Cayman now. 

“As most of the workforce on the Island is formed by expats, the immigration laws should be more encouraging for them to be able to settle on the Island,” said one person. “A simple example of how this could positively impact the economy is real estate. There is a lot of property that is not being sold or rented; therefore, there is loss in government revenues.” “The expat tax will negatively affect the Cayman economy,” said someone else. 

Another 57 people – 7.8 per cent – said over development was the biggest issue currently facing Cayman.  

“There needs to be some consideration taken with all the single-family dwellings being built,” said one person. “We are losing a ton of land mass in this manner.” 

Thirty-six people – 4.8 per cent – responded other to the question, with many of them citing the announced tax on expatriates earning more that $20,000 as being the biggest issue. Several people responded “all of the above” and McKeeva Bush was cited as Cayman’s biggest issue by eight different respondents.  

Other responses included: 

“The overwhelming lack of unity among our people,” said one person. “God commands the blessing where there’s unity.” 

“Increase in dangerous driving and exceeding speed limits,” said someone else. 

“Gay rights,” said another person. 

“Environmental degradation and lack of understanding of cause/effect,” said another person. “Health care,” said someone else. 

“Education,” noted another person. 


Next week’s poll question 

If Cayman has to impose additional taxation, which do you think is the best option? 


Payroll tax on expats only 

Payroll tax on all residents 

Higher import duties or Value Added Tax 

Property tax 

Other (write in comments) 

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  1. CAYMANIANS we finely waking up but talk can be cheap some times. DO the talking when it comes to voting. WE are becoming a new people, those of us who ain’t registered to vote do so in a hurry. AND let’s abolish foolishness and move forward..

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