Caymanians determine future

Letter to the Editor

What’s next? This is a question that has been asked of Cayman United often as of late; a question we welcome, a question we gladly answer: The future. 

As a nation we find ourselves in the midst of a crisis. A crisis that, if not properly addressed, will destroy our economy and with that our way of life. The crisis in which we now find ourselves is multifaceted. The pressing need for a budget is not the crisis nor was the threat of direct taxation and the resultant fissure in our community; these are symptoms of the crisis that is maladministration.  

For far too long the citizens of Cayman have remained silent and complacently watched as a series of successive governments led us to where we now stand. As we peer into the future upon the horizon there sits an opportunity. This opportunity shall come in the form of our general elections and it is imperative that we as a nation elect leaders who will not only shirk this crisis, but allow us to emerge from it a stronger nation.  

This opportunity spans far beyond the artificial barriers within our community. It is not about the UDP, the PPM or otherwise; it is not about skin colour, it is not about background. What this is about is Cayman and we must get it right. 

Information contained within the 2010 Statistical Compendium suggests there are more than 25,000 members of our community who possess the right to vote. Sadly, only 15,000 of us are registered to do so. This trend is exacerbated within the population of younger Caymanians as The Elections Office ascertains the number of registered voters younger than 30 is 1,689, a mere 11 per cent of the total number of electors. This number can, and should, be nearing 5,000. 

To facilitate this, Cayman United, along with another group of concerned citizens, shall be launching a drive for voter registration in the coming weeks. Coupled with this initiative, in mid-October, we plan to present the sitting government with a proposal for the overhaul of our current immigration practices.  

This proposal will focus on further empowering the youth of Cayman through innovative policies, which stress the importance of education and further skills development for those of us who have met the unfortunate circumstances of unemployment. Additionally, we will propose ways in which the financial burden of government levied on small businesses can be lessened so that our economy may once again flourish. 

By freely exercising the right to vote Caymanian citizens, not politicians, must lead us from this crisis. It is not too late, but over the coming months every Caymanian must seek the truth and decide for themselves what is necessary for the future of our country.  

It is time for us to stand tall, grasp our future and make our voices heard.  


Cayman United 

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