Centre needs help of 800

The Church of God Chapel in Frank Sound recently put the finishing touches on the exterior of a 3,500-square-foot youth facility. 

Church leaders and members are asking the Grand Cayman community to partner with them to complete the Fusion Youth Centre, which they believe will have a significant impact on the youth of these Islands. 

Open house of Fusion Youth Centre takes place on Sunday, 28 October between 4 and 6pm. 

The public is invited to hear plans for the facility, how they can be one of 800 people who make a difference in the lives of Cayman’s youth and to see the progress that has been made. 

The goal of the church is to raise almost $250,000 through donations of $312 each from 800 people through a fundraising campaign, “Be One of 800”. 

The money will be used to transform the bare interior of the Fusion Youth Centre into a state-of-the-art facility appealing to the needs and sensibilities of youngsters and teenagers.  

Colourful lights, an Internet café, iPod docking stations, a stage for performances with sophisticated stage lighting and sound, music, food, pool tables and Wii stations are some of the conveniences envisioned by Pastor Ellen Peguero, the leaders and the youth ministry team at the Frank Sound Church.  

The church will also use the centre to provide after-school programmes for children and youth in the community. 

“There is an urgent need for youth group programmes to be more relevant to the needs of today’s youth,” Pastor Peguero said. “Our vision for the Fusion Youth Ministry is that it be an extension of what we hope is being taught to our children in the homes and schools. We want to give our youth the tools that will help them to grow spiritually, socially and emotionally; stand firm and not give in to peer pressure; and understand their worth as the leaders of today and the future.” 

Over the next few weeks the church will be reaching out to companies and individuals in the community and soliciting their support for the campaign. 

“We know that our target of $250,000 is more than achievable because we believe the donation amount is reasonable,” Ms Peguero said. “We hope that people will consider making this small investment, which will help to impact the youth of these Islands. The fact is that this facility is for all of our children, and it will benefit our country in the long term. We will be offering a structured environment and a safe haven that provides wholesome and challenging activities which cater to the spiritual, social and emotional needs of our youth. It is these types of programmes that will curb the social and moral decay that we are currently experiencing in our country.”  

The church will host an open house at the Fusion Youth Centre on Sunday, 28 October, where the public will be able to learn more about the Fusion Youth Ministry, hear about the plans that the church has for the building and make donations. 

“We already have some amazing success stories to tell of youth who have passed through our youth ministry, and the impact that Fusion has had on their lives,” Ms Peguero said. “These are academically, emotionally and spiritually well-rounded young adults who are making a positive contribution to our society using their God-given talents and it’s all because they had adults in their lives that loved, encouraged and mentor them.” Peguero says the Fusion Youth Centre will be unlike any other youth facility on the island. 

“This generation is greatly fascinated and influenced by technology, music and the arts. We strongly believe that the 21st century church must not only meet the spiritual needs of today’s youth, but also provide an environment in which their social, emotional and intellectual needs are met through safe and controlled interaction with technology. This is what the Fusion Youth Centre will offer to these youths.” 


For more information about the Fusion Youth Ministry, contact Pastor Ellen Peguero on 947-3691. 

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