Golf course seeks water plant

The North Sound Golf Club is seeking to put a reverse osmosis plant on site in order to produce fresh water for the golf course. 

On 26 September, the Central Planning Authority approved an application by Silverfin Development Company to place the necessary equipment on the location. The plant would include a 15-foot-high water tank and five containers to house equipment, surrounded by an 8-foot-high chain link fence, according to the Planning Department’s analysis of the application. 

The projected cost is slightly more than $1.5 million, according to planning authority records. 

While the developer has now secured planning permission for the location of the physical equipment, in order to produce and supply water he must obtain a concession from Cabinet, according to Water Authority-Cayman’s comments on the proposal. The Water Authority said it “agrees in principle” to grant the required licence and permit in order to take in feedwater and dispose of brine. 

However, the Water Authority noted that the proposed plant is located within the licence area of Cayman Water Company, where the company has the exclusive right to produce potable water for sale from seawater and to distribute and sell potable water by means of pipes. The Water Authority said based on provisions in the law, it is not in a position to accept or reject the proposal. 

“The developer is required to commence the application process for a concession by writing to the Ministry of [District Administration, Works, Land and Agriculture] requesting the consideration for the grant of a concession under the [Water (Production and Supply) Law]. The Ministry will then work closely with the Water Authority so that the process as determined by the WPSL and [Water Authority Law] is followed,” according to the Water Authority. 


  1. Cayman really sold the right to produce fresh water to one company (or at least in that area)? Am I allowed to convert oxygen to CO2 (breath) or does the Cayman Fresh Air company own that right?

    I’d try to explain why this is a bad idea but given the politicians on island it would take years. Cayman, can you please vote for people that have at least a little knowledgeor at least common sense enough to not sell the right to make fresh water to a single company? PLEASE!!! The more I find out about what is/has been done here the scarier this place becomes. What if the water company decided it didn’t want to make water anymore and yet refused to give up the water rights? I don’t enjoy the though of having to make my own stilland even if I did make my own still I couldn’t sell water to others! Whoever signed that law really outdid the usual incompetence of lawmakers.

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