Planning enforcements delayed, sent back to authority

Apparent miscues in communication at the ministerial level held up several enforcement actions by planning officials. 

According to minutes of the Central Planning Authority’s 29 August meeting, “The authority was advised that a situation arose whereby enforcement cases were being sent to the Legal Department for review, but were being returned for additional information that the [Cayman Islands] Department of Planning contended was not necessary. Through the Ministry [of Finance, Tourism and Development], the department had attempted to meet with the solicitor general or the director of public prosecutions to discuss this concern. 

“Several months passed before the ministry was able to arrange that meeting and since so much time had passed, several enforcement notices were now stale dated and could not be forwarded to Summary Court for further action.” 

The items are being brought back to the planning authority to authorise the reissuing of the notices. During the 29 August meeting, two of the delayed enforcement actions were brought back up, one involving an “illegal storage shed and patio” in George Town (where notices had been sent out in January 2011 and again in January 2012), and one involving the “erection of a storage building which has been done in a dangerous and unsafe manner”, which had been noted by planning officials since at least 2009. 

The authority determined to reissue the enforcement notice in the case of the George Town shed and patio. In the latter case in Bodden Town, “The authority considered the matter and re-examined the available photographs on file. The authority is aware that the owner of the land is quite elderly and not of great financial means. Additionally, the family member that had apparently been involved with the structure no longer lived in the Cayman Islands. Upon re-examining the situation, the authority determined that the building really wasn’t dangerous or unsafe and that an offending works notice would not be reissued,” according to meeting minutes. 

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