Dogs stars of the roadshow

Just some of the dogs at the Cayman Islands Humane Society that are hoping to find a secure, loving home will be treated to a special outing on Saturday, 27 October.

They will be boarding a bus and travelling to Camana Bay, where they will be the stars of the Humane Society’s Roadshow on the Paseo, between 2 and 5pm.

The Cayman Islands’ animal shelter works hard to provide food and shelter for the hundreds of stray and homeless dogs and cats in Grand Cayman. However, all of these animals would, of course, far rather be part of a loving, caring family. In return for a home they can call their own, these dogs will lavish you with unconditional love, be delighted to see you every day when you come home, and their enthusiasm for walks and meals will know no bounds.

Members of the public will be able to meet some of the canine residents of the animal shelter and learn about the different ways in which they could bring a little comfort and happiness to the animals.

The Humane Society will be providing information on the different programmes available from adoption to fostering, sleepovers and volunteering at the shelter.

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