Jervis gives coach Stark lesson

Squash at the South Sound Squash Club was heated up last Thursday for TeleCayman Team Squash League as week 3 saw some fantastic battles.

The league runs every Thursday at 7.15pm until 29 November.

Sponsored teams for the Fall 2012 TeleCayman Team Squash League include; Digicel (Diehards), Walkers (Wanderers), two teams from KPMG (Pumpkin Squash and Gem Squash), The Security Centre (Sheriffs), Aon (United), and reigning champions from the past two leagues, Sotheby’s International Realty (Squashers). The name of the team with individual players is Squash 20/20 in recognition of World Squash Day (October 20th, 2012).

The teams are really moving around in the league and no one has comfortably positioned themselves at the top. First week was Squash 20/20, second week saw the Sotheby’s Squashers and this week Aon United made a huge leap from last week’s third position to take the No.1 spot.

TeleCayman’s top match of the week was the highly anticipated clash between teenager Julian Jervis of Digicel Diehards – the current Under-15 Caribbean Champion – and his coach Glenn Stark of Sotheby’s Squashers. Stark is also the Cayman Islands national coach.

Jervis was ready for the encounter and took advantage of slim line Stark who has been on a tight eating regime. While it has helped his waistline, it has not been advantageous for his squash game.

Taking the first two games, Jervis kept Stark on the run, forcing his coach to dig deep into the corners and dominate the “T” (the best position in squash as it is the centre of the court where the half court line and the short line meet).

In the third, with a little advice from his wife, Amanda, the South Sound Squash Club manager and former pro, Glenn retaliated pushing Jervis to start feeling his legs and challenging the youngster’s fitness. Unfortunately for Stark, his own fitness gave out before Jervis’s and the young protégé took his first win off his coach 3-1, winning 11/5, 11/5, 9/11, 11/6. Stark is preparing 
for a rematch.

The second top match of the week was between the Security Centre’s Stuart Bostock and KPMG Gem Squash’s Craig Morgan.

This was a great five set match with both players having to dig deep to win. Morgan started strongly and took the first game from 
Bostock 9-5.

Just warming up, Bostock counter-attacked, winning the next two games and was looking impressive to finish the match in four, however Morgan did not capitulate.

Working Bostock in lengthy rallies, Morgan took control, wearing his opponent down point by point.

Morgan eventually tied the match in four taking the overall game to extra points, where once again he was too good for Bostock. In the end the final result was 3-2 to Morgan of KPMG Gem Squash 3-2 (11/5, 8/11, 6/11, 
11/7, 11/4).

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