Rev. Barnes heads up BT celebrations

Church of God continues 40 Years Together

The Church of God Chapel Bodden Town with hosts Pastors Winston and Hyacinth Rose will be continuing their “40 Years Together” celebrations with special meetings commencing on Sunday morning, 11 November and continuing through Wednesday, 14 November.  

The celebrations will also include the annual Hallelujah Concert on Sunday evening in the church’s parking lot. The yearly event is well known for featuring some of the best local gospel music and church choirs. Keynote speaker for the meetings and the concert is the Rev. Leslie Parker Barnes, minister of Praise and Worship Arts at the Arlington Church of God in Akron, Ohio. She is also a popular vocalist who performs with the nationally acclaimed gospel group Divine Hope and will perform at the concert. 

Rev Barnes has a Master of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary. In 1990 she founded Youth Excellence Performing Arts Workshop to encourage youth through the arts to pursue lifestyles of excellence. Her service to youth has been recognised by various organisations in Akron. She and her husband Ted have two children. 


The Sunday morning service begins at 10.30am and the Sunday evening concert at 6.30pm. Services Monday through Wednesday will start at 7.30pm. Anyone needing further information may call 947-3301 or 916-0776.


Ms Barnes

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