National Gallery exhibits works from outreach programmes

A new exhibition titled “Welcome to My World” opened at the National Gallery in Grand Cayman on Wednesday, 21 November.  

Displayed in the Dart Auditorium, the exhibition brings together works from students in all of the National Gallery’s Outreach Programmes.  

Outreach is a vital link for people in the community who would not or could not ordinarily get to the National Gallery. This includes children with disabilities, young offenders, senior citizens, elderly Alzheimer’s sufferers, and people struggling with drug addiction.  

The outreach classes account for a large part of the organisation’s annual output and are made possible at no cost to participants through the generosity of donors and sponsors. 

The exhibition will include works created during the Art for the Elderly programme sponsored by Ernst & Young; Art Unlimited sponsored by Digicel; Haven Art Club sponsored by State Street Cayman; Lighthouse Art Club sponsored by Richard and Maria Ruffer; and Prisons Art Club sponsored by Dart and the Sunrise Art Club.  

It is a forum to showcase some of the pieces that are being created in the studio, as well as the results of some of the charitable and philanthropic work of the National Gallery.  


“Welcome to My World” runs until 11 December and a public reception will be held Monday, 10 December, from 6 to 8pm. 

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