Dart proceeds with plans for Camana Bay, hotel

The Dart Group is continuing its development of Camana Bay and the former Courtyard by Marriott.

The Central Planning Authority approved three applications by Dart during its 7 November meeting, two involving Camana Bay and one the new hotel in Grand Cayman.

Camana Bay

Dart company Cayman Shores Development applied to build two new 2,400-square-foot buildings near the Camana Bay chiller plant, which is on the west side of the Esterley Tibbetts highway between Camana Way and Forum Lane. One building will be a gym, and the other will be a neighbourhood recycling centre, according to the meeting minutes. The estimated cost of the buildings is $1.2 million.

According to the records, the Department of Planning and National Roads Authority “have concerns regarding additional uses on this driveway as there has been a number of accidents occurring at this intersection and along this section of Esterley Tibbetts Highway. NRA has requested the applicant to work with them to design solutions, however, to date there has been no resolution. The department would recommend that the application be adjourned and the applicant required to resolve the access issues with NRA.”

Although the planning authority did not put off its decision on the application, it did remind Dart to liaise with the roads authority about the concerns.

During the same meeting, the planning authority also approved, for a period of two years, Dart’s application to relocate four temporary construction trailers and remove the remaining temporary buildings near the planned ‘block 5’ building south of Forum Lane, east of Esterley Tibbetts.

According to the records, “The applicant is requesting planning permission to relocate four temporary construction trailers on block 5 to allow for construction of a planned commercial building. The remaining temporary buildings on the site will be relocated to Block 11B Parcel 69, which will be included on a separate planning application.”

Block 11B Parcel 69 is in the general area of the former Courtyard by Marriott, which Dart is redeveloping into a new resort.


The planning authority also approved Dart Realty Cayman’s application to clear and fill land to the east of the hotel being redeveloped.

With an estimated cost of $525,000, the project consists of clearing the 6.73-acre parcel and filling it to a minimum of 5 feet above sea level.

“The intended future use of the … property is as a car park, entrance and gardens to [complement] the hotel development. It will be subject to a separate planning application when the redevelopment design is complete.”

The amount of fill to be deposited is 25,250 cubic yards, according to meeting minutes.

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