Christmas with Natasha Kozaily

An evening that will bring the true spirit of Christmas is promised at the historic Mission House. 

From 6 to 8pm on Thursday, 20 December, the event features a chance for all to mingle with members of the National Trust of the Cayman Islands, volunteers and friends – all amongst the sparkling lights and traditional Christmas trees, grounds and sand garden of the gorgeous historic Bodden Town building. There’s also a great-sounding live performance from Cayman gem, Natasha Kozaily. 

“I will be playing a few originals, Caymanian folk songs and Christmas Carols,” says Natasha, who has a close relationship with the house. “The Mission House is very special to me and my family as it was the house my Great-Grandmother Emma Claire Hislop grew up in.  

“So I feel honoured to be able to return four generations later and play music in that beautiful and historic site,” she says. “Historic not only for Caymanian history but for my own personal history as well.” 

Historical importance 

Of course, the trust is at the centre of many preservation and conservation efforts and Christmas is as good a time as any to recognise them, continues the artist and musician. 

“The National Trust does great work in preserving and protecting many national and culturally important habits and landmarks like the Mission House,” Natasha says. “In a time in our history where there is so much development happening so quickly I think it’s as important as ever to support an organization like the National Trust that does great work in preserving and protecting many natural and cultural habitats and landmarks, like the Mission House.” 

Weekender agrees wholeheartedly, and is further cheered by the news that there are cocktails and hors d’oeuvres featuring traditional holiday delicacies planned. 


For more details, contact Basia McGuire at [email protected] or 749-1129. 

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