Police: Robbery attacks appear 'random'

Two robberies on New Year’s Day in George Town were apparently random attacks where the suspects committed “crimes of opportunity”.

Robbers struck early on New Year’s Day and again at night of the same day. Judging from detailed descriptions of the assailants, police said the two incidents did not appear to be related. However, officers said they couldn’t entirely rule out the possibility.

According to police reports on the two attacks: “The first robbery at North Church Street [at about] 4.15am [Tuesday], was opposite the Kirks Supermarket entrance. The victim, a 21-year-old male was approached by three males who got out of a silver Honda Integra.

“The victim was assaulted and fell to the ground and cash and jewelry were taken from him. A fourth male was within the vehicle. The offenders left in the vehicle heading towards George Town.”

All suspects in the attacks were approximately 21 years old. The first suspect was described as having a brown complexion, medium build, about 5’6″ tall, low cut black hair. The second suspect had a clear complexion, medium build, was about 5’7″ tall with a small moustache and beard. The third suspect had a brown complexion, brownish-coloured hair in braids and small moustache. The four suspect had a brown complexion, black hair in single plait braids and styled cuts to the eyebrow.

According to police, the second street robbery happened around 9.20pm when a 38-year-old man was approached by three men on Goring Avenue. Police said one of the men threw a bottle in the victim’s direction before the offenders pulled the victim to the ground and removed jewelry, cash and a black Alcatel smart phone.

The suspects then ran off into a parking lot by Miss Keppie Lane following the attack, police said.

Police estimated that the offenders in the second attack were aged between 17 and 20 years. Suspect #1 was described as 5’10” tall, slim, with a brown complexion, wearing a white marina. Suspect #2 was described as 5’10” tall with a dark complexion, black pullover hoodie and black washout jeans. The third suspect was 5’5″ tall with a dark complexion, wearing plaid long pants and sporting afro-style hair

None of the victims were seriously hurt.


  1. This is too bold for words. Its a slap in the face to the RCIPS that such crimes can be comitted in such a carefree and uncaring manner. Time for the cops to step up to the plate and let their presence be known and felt.

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