Little Cayman Mardi Gras set

Early bookings advised

With only a month and a half left before Little Cayman Mardi Gras, spaces are filling up fast among accommodations on the smaller of the two Sister Islands. 

Gladys Howard of Pirates Point Resort urged potential visitors to book early and revealed that Pirates Point dive instructor Mike Vallee is King of the 2013 event. 

“Each year in the fall of the prior year, the executive committee of the National Trust selects the King or Queen for the following year’s event. The person is chosen for their commitment to environmental or historical preservation or their contribution to the trust,” she said. “Mike Vallee is the rock iguana expert on our island and had given many hours of his time freely to do tours and to help save the numbers we have here. Being that the trust has just completed the purchase of the hatching area for the rock iguanas, he was the logical choice.” 


Choosing the theme 

The person who is selected is the one who gets to choose the theme, Ms Howard said. 

“Mike’s idea was that after 20 years, we are running out of themes … The idea of ‘One Love’ can be anything that you love about Little Cayman, so we should have costumes and floats based on underwater, birds, iguanas and just about anything that you love best about Little Cayman.” 

Mr. Vallee’s duties include being in the parade in the lead float and at the event following the parade. 

Little Cayman Mardi Gras is on Saturday, 9 February, Ms Howard said. 

“There will be a parade starting at 4pm and at 6.30pm there will be a New Orleans type dinner with King’s cake at Pirates Point Resort with a dance following. 

“We invite every one to enjoy the special day, the float parade will have five divisions – of resort, resident, youth, bike and walking – with trophies awarded in each division,” she added. “There will also be best costume for male, female, and youth and many special awards.” 


  1. With all due respect……where is the Cayman flag?

    The Union Jack is not our flag, the Jamaican and Canadian flag are not ours either.

    Can you imagine doing that in Jamaica?

    Show less fear and more respect for the country in which you reside please.

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