Biker struck on WB Road

Royal Cayman Islands Police were investigating an SUV-bicycle accident Friday afternoon that occurred on West Bay Road just off Seven Mile Beach.

According to police, a 52-year-old woman riding a bicycle in the area was struck by a Ford Escape around 1.45pm.

She was taken to hospital with what officers described as non-life threatening injuries.

The collision happened near the junction of West Bay Road and Raleigh Quay Road, near Calico Jack’s bar and grill.

Police did not immediately state who was at fault in the accident.



  1. Police did not immediately state who was at fault in the accident.

    Well, it’s obvious to anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle on the roads of Cayman. They cyclist wasn’t paying attention and just ran smack dab into the front of the car..

  2. It amazes me that these aren’t more frequent. There are many cyclist on cayman who have no concept of how to keep themselves safe in modern traffic – the rules are there for their own safety. Please note that these are general comments and not intended to relate to the incident above.

    Ride WITH the flow of traffic.

    At night cyclists MUST use lights – they are not there so the cyclist can see where they’re going, it’s so other road users can see them from a safe distance. Red or flashing red at rear, steady white at front. In addition bikes made after 1980 (give or take?) must have a rear red reflector and amber pedal reflectors – these are to be kept clean and in good order.

    Finally bikes MUST NOT be ridden on the footpath.

    Perhaps police should have to power to impound cycles not properly lighted at night (maybe they already do but don’t enforce it), Surely riding unlit is as bas as, or worse than a motorist not wearing a seatbelt?

    America has Stealth Fighters and Bombers,
    Norway pioneered Stealth Boats,
    Perhaps Cayman has a secret weapons program involving Stealth Bikes – they are too common for it just to be occasional idiots with no self preservation instinct??????

  3. I agree with Sonic about the low frequency of these events – it is amazing how few people seem to be wiped out on the roads, considering the risks.

    Stupid cyclists, combined with stupid motorists equals a busy time at Accident and Emergency, or you think it should do.

    Perhaps the two negatives somehow make a positive; cyclist on wrong side of road avoids the drunk driver who is also on the wrong side of the road.

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